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Jessie James Decker Slams Instagram and Posts Naked Pic of Kim Kardashian: How Is This Appropriate? | E! Online

Jessie James Decker Slams Instagram and Posts Naked Pic of Kim Kardashian: How Is This Appropriate? | E! Online.

Well, I would say this is favoritism at it’s best… I agree with Jessie James Decker on this situation, it seems as though Kim K. can do no wrong in the media and social media world… The family must have their hands in so many pockets..

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Follow Me On Instagram!


Hello followers! If you haven’t yet started following me on Instagram, what are you waiting for?? Stay up to date on all of my favorite fashion, cosmetics, food and everything else in between!

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Instagram Personality Quiz – Best Worst Instagrams 2014


Instagram Personality Quiz - Best Worst Instagrams 2014

Instagram Personality Quiz – Best Worst Instagrams 2014.

A very large percent of us are on Instagram, and like me, we post on there to share our favorite pictures. This posting is pretty accurate when it comes to describing the typical Instagrammer. Read it and see what you think and if it perfectly describes you!

Chanel On Instagram



Listen here

Well, the leap has finally been made! Chanel, glorious, lovely, beautiful Chanel is finally posting Instagram! I cannot wait to see the photos the brand will post.  The reason behind the long wait is to promote the fashion film “The One That I Want,” starring Gisele Bündchen and directed by Baz Luhrmann. 



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The New York summit of muses is where Caroline de Maigret snapped some informal photos of Harley Viera-Newton wearing a red Chanel bag and Anna Wintour with Karl Lagerfeld and Baz Lurhrmann. Take a look at the pictures that were posted on @chanelofficial


Leigh Lezark and Harley Viera-Newton at the #CHANELN5 event in New York. #THEONETHATIWANT (photo by Caroline de Maigret)

Afficher sur Instagram




Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour, and Baz Luhrmann at the #CHANELN5 event in New York. #THEONETHATIWANT (Photo by Caroline de Maigret)

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My Favorite Instagram Pictures



Listen here to Banks- Fall Over

Instagram can be a great source of inspiration and laughter. From the pictures it’s users post to the quotes, either way, you’ll get your dose of laughter, encouragement, knowledge and more each day. I love the fact that I am able to see so many pictures that motivate me and help my creativity flourish. With social media the way it is today, Instagram is one of those media outlets that do these and so much more for people and bloggers alike. Take a look at what is trending just on my very own Instagram page! @herfashionpassion

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Fashion Through Instagram

Source: Moda Operandi

As New York Fashion Week 2015 came to a close, we have yet another start of London Fashion Week 2015. Isn’t it just wonderful as the fashion community comes together to showcase their upcoming spring collections for 2015. Glorious they are too! From Ralph Lauren, Oscar De La Renta to Marc Jacobs and more, they all gave us a glimpse of what we can look forward to seeing on the racks come spring.

But, the runway shows themselves were not the only scene stealers, the backstage was also where all the magic happened. In going through my Instagram feed HerfashionpassionI couldn’t help but feel the need to share my favorite moments from NYFW2015. From the collection pieces to backstage to the awesome street style, you’ll find my favorite moments below:

So there you have it, just a snippet of some of the best memories from NYFW 2015. Now What does LFW2015 have in store?

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Barbie Street Style Star Instagram Fashion Week Pictures ( UK)


Barbie On Instagram

Barbie Street Style Star Instagram Fashion Week Pictures ( UK).

This is probably one of the most funniest and cutest thing that has come out of the world of fashion. We know that Barbie is the iconic doll of fashion right? Well, the Mattel Corp is keeping up with the times and has brought Barbie to the world of Instagram! Read more to find out and follow Barbie.

The 10 Best Makeup Artists on Instagram:


Makeup Artists You Need To Follow

The 10 Best Makeup Artists on Instagram:

If you’re anything like me, that’s always looking for new ways, tricks and techniques for makeup, then look no further. Some of these makeup artists are the best in the business and I know I would love to see some of their Instagram posts for tips I can do on my own. So, there you go, click on the link to follow these Instagram accounts of some of the best artists in the biz.. I’ve already done it!

Espadrilles Make A Mad Comeback


Source: Instagram

Espadrilles, the shoe that comes from Spain and made with a Mediterranean grass which is used in making rope. Kinda crazy right? I would imagine when they were first made in Spain back in the 14th century, how uncomfortable they must have been. The wiry grass, itching your feet? But lucky for us, times have changed and so have espadrilles. I remember my mom having a pair and wanting a pair myself, so as I got older, I did. So now the trend is back and I love it, take a look at some of my favorite pairs:

Source: Chanel

Source: Chanel

Two tone lambskin and toile espadrille $575

Source: Elle Magazine

Source: Elle Magazine

Valentino Lace Espadrilles, $575 My Theresa

Source: Nordstrom

Source: Nordstrom

Burberry ‘Hodgeson’ Check Espadrille $250 Nordstrom

Source: Nordstrom

Source: Nordstrom

Tory Burch ‘Lonnie’ Espadrille $108 (was $135) Nordstrom

Source: Zara

Source: Zara

Zara Basic Jute Wedge Espadrille $79.90

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M’Oticons On Shoes!!

Source: Moda Operandi

Source: Moda Operandi

M’Oticons, Emojis, whatever you want to call them are the way we communicate through text or through email. It gives us an opportunity to share how we feel through icons of happy, sad, excited, mad and more emotions! So, whats even more cool about M’Oticons/Emoji is that they are going on our articles of clothing, accessories and now, yes, now shoes! OMG, I am so excited to see this EDIE PARKER X DEL TORO COLLABORATION of shoes and clutches with the icons we have all grown to use over and over again in our daily social media accounts.


Queen Bee M’Oticon Loafers $340 and #QueenBee Clutch $1595


High Maintenance Loafers $340 #HighMaintenance Clutch $1595


Dancing Queen Loafers $340 #DancingQueen Clutch $1595

This luscious collection of loafers and clutches are available right now for pre-order at Moda Operandi. Each loafer has the M’Oticon/Emoji and the matching clutch has the hashtag and message written on it. They are so fashionable, chic and adorable that I’m finding it hard to decide which pair I want to pre-order, but when I do, I’ll share with everyone!!

These are just a snippet of whats available!!

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