Selfies Anyone??


Taking “selfies” have become the thing to do lately and to be quite honest, I’m not a “selfie” person. I just don’t want MY face posted all over the internet, but who am I to question what anyone else does right? To each his own I guess. But the whole trend has everyone on tap, from everyday people to celebrities snapping pics of themselves at parties and at events, hey even at the Oscars!

It can be all in good fun and it has the potential to help those who need a little boosting of the self confidence. Whatever anyone’s reasoning for posting “selfies” it has definitely taken off like wild fire and will probably be around for a long time to come. Go ahead, post your “selfie” on instagram, Facebook, twitter and any other social media accounts, see how many “likes” you can get.



To get those of you who love taking “selfies” in the mood for more, watch THEĀ best video for one of my favorite tracks right now from The Chainsmokers, appropriately called #Selfie.

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