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The Backlash At Vogue


What’s happened with fashion magazine’s of today? Long ago it used to be about fashion, the designers, and the models , today, most fashion magazines seem to be so enamored with celebrities. Not just any “celebrities”, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to be exact and there is one fashion magazine that is well known for this. Vogue, Vogue used to be about supporting the designers, photographers, makeup artists and others.

But recently it seems as though they’ve been devoting their coverage to both Kardashian and West along with their baby, North West. I’m sure you’ve all heard the story; back in January Kanye West reportedly begged editor in chief, Anna Wintour to put Kim Kardashian on the coveted cover of the iconic magazine. At the time, it was said that editor in chief, Anna Wintour was adamantly against it. Well, fast forward to March 2014, we woke up to the news that both, West and Kardsashian were on April’s cover issue.

What made Wintour change her mind? Whatever the reason was, it caused a real stir with Vogue fans along with actress Sarah Michelle Gellar. She tweeted : ‘Well……I guess I’m canceling my Vogue subscription. Who is with me???’ She was not the only one who felt this way, there were retweets of more than 8,000 times and favorited by more than 11,000 people. In addition to this Vogue’s Facebook page was also inundated with hundreds of disapproving messages.  One commenter wrote, ‘I’m done with Vogue. Subscription cancelled sick to death of Kanye and Kim used to be high fashion, your standards have been highly compromised!!!!!!’

Spring forward to today, it seems as though the magazine still hasn’t gotten the hint that their readers do not wish to be bombarded with photos of the Kardashian-West clan. Vogue continues to devote their coverage to two people who really do not contribute anything to the fashion community or the world for that matter. I was on Vogue’s Facebook page the other day and could not believe the amount of negative comments from their followers stating their unhappiness with the amount of coverage for Kardashian and West.

I’m going to have to unfollow. Your devotion to this family is baffling. I can only assume they have some serious dirt on Anna Wintour.” Unlike · Reply · 114 · September 27 at 6:11am

Vogue…I’m sure you have intelligent people working for you, but by your posts…it shows other wise. Please give me some faith back in the “Vogue” name and start giving us articles that we can’t read in STAR magazine..maybe even about people who are positive influences in society. You are losing loyal followers and costumes ( I unsubscribed to the magazine when you put Kim on the cover ) and will now be unfollowing your posts, like I know million others are doing. You use to inspire me with your articles, now I’m left feeling a tad dumber every time I read your posts. What happened? Are you in such a bad financial crisis you are taking Kim and Kanye’s money to post their face on everything you associate your name with? It’s disgusting and VERY NOT Vogue..we need fashion, inspiration, knowledge..not the Kim and Kanye hourly updates. Get it together..I miss the old you..and fear you will never come back.
Like · Reply · 42 · September 27 at 6:48am”

“I’m unfollowing vogue from today. 5 posts of kardashians in one day is too much for me! Ugh!
Unlike · Reply · 69 · September 27 at 6:13am”

One would imagine that a magazine such as Vogue would listen to their readers. The readers and their subscriptions are the ones who help keep the magazine alive. Why would they not listen to them? I’ll leave you all with one final thought, Vogue should to start to take their reader comments and wishes a little more seriously or the backlash that is currently proceeding will only continue to get worse. Not only will they have a hard time trying to make it up to their readers, but how much of this would have affected their long term business outlook?

Only Anna Wintour can control the end result.

Below find more comments: *All comments from Vogue Facebook

“I can’t take any more of this trashy woman, who dresses a toddler like this!!! September 27 at 6:20am”

“Done with the K train! Unfollowing now!”
Like · Reply · 29 · September 27 at 6:19am

“Stop sucking up to the Kardashian/Jenner/West familly. How much do they pay you, Vogue? A one year old has nothing to do at a fashion show. Can you imagine the extremely high and unhealthy music volume? They will bring that poor child to the clubs next. #pathetic”
Like · Reply · 27 · September 27 at 6:49am · Edited

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21 Things Only Fashion Girls Understand |


21 Things Only Fashion Girls Understand |

In this lovely world of fashion, yes, there are only a select few of people that can truly, truly understand how you feel about fashion. Before I started blogging, I never really had that connection with anyone, but then, as I started to meet more and more friends in the blogging world, I’ve found my connections!

So my whole point to this is that, if you love fashion and your friends just don’t quite get how you feel about it, join a fashion group or club where there are other girls just like you!


P.S. This goes out to Katja Nyquist!

#katjanyquist #fashionlover #fashiongal

Jimmy Kimmel Fashion Week – People Talk About Fake Designers – Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine


Jimmy Kimmel Fashion Week - People Talk About Fake Designers - Harper's BAZAAR Magazine

Jimmy Kimmel Fashion Week – People Talk About Fake Designers – Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine.

People will say anything when it comes to being on television. Just take these people for instance on the Jimmy Kimmel show, when asked about designers, they’ll say anything, even if the designers aren’t real. Take a read!

The Fashion Phrases That It’s Time To Retire – Overused Fashion Phrases – Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine


The Fashion Phrases That It's Time To Retire - Overused Fashion Phrases - Harper's BAZAAR Magazine

The Fashion Phrases That It’s Time To Retire – Overused Fashion Phrases – Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine.

I’m not so sure about retiring some of these phrases.. I really kind of like them, I think we’ve all have gotten used to saying them. Click on the link and see what you all think and let me know your thoughts. Maybe a few? Maybe all? Or none at all?

10 Powerful, Sexy Film Heroines – Heroines in Film – Harper’s BAZAAR


Faye Dunaway as Bonnie in Bonnie & Clyde

10 Powerful, Sexy Film Heroines – Heroines in Film – Harper’s BAZAAR.

Yesssss! We all love the heroines of the film right? Not just for the fashion they wore but for the tenacity they portrayed. Hey 50 shades of Grey, you ain’t got nothing on theses heroine…

September 2014 Issue Of IndieBlush Magazine

Source: IndieBlush


Hello readers, I wanted to share with you all my current article in a local magazine that I am now an official contributor of called IndieBlush Magazine. IndieBlush is a magazine that caters to everything Indie in the Sacramento and surrounding areas and a magazine that is rich in the the Sacramento heritage. I am so honored and feel so lucky to be a part of this awesome magazine. Please take the time to read the article and feel free to browse through the entire magazine to get a feel for my home town.

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Can Fashion Be Turned Into Trashion?

Source: Capitol Indie Collective




If you watch Project Runway, then you know what it means for designers to have to work on a budget, a specific amount of time and create runway ready attire all at one time. I recently had the pleasure of attending the Capitol Indie Collective in Sacramento. This unique fashion challenge is presented by the Sacramento Film Festival, Indie Blush Magazine, Sacramento Fashion Week and other small fiscal partnerships. Not only is this a non profit volunteer based event, but it supports a diverse culture of artists in addition to small business support. IMG_0206

The fashion challenge was the official kick off to the film festival which was held at The Crest Theatre in downtown Sacramento. The Crest Theatre is a historic theatre that originally opened in 1912 as the Empress Theatre, and at that time was used as a vaudeville palace. The point I am trying to make is that this historic theatre was the perfect back drop for this fashion challenge. This years theme was ‘Trashion” and the 3 designer contestants had 10 days, $50 budget and create a runway ready dress completely out of trash. They had to be able to sift through garbage in oder to find items they could contribute for the dress. Now, let me tell you, this is no ordinary task, but these 3 designers were ready for the challenge.

The show started with the first designer, Kimberly Lucero presenting her creation of a dark fantasy with a victorian influence. Her model Cassandra did an excellent job in portraying this dark, sort of evil princess. (Now remember, everything the dress was made from was found in the trash and hand created)The bottom of her dress was constructed out of a hoop from a skirt, the skirt portion of the dress was made from a red santa suit and vinyl, and cardboard paper accordion.



The second designer that presented was Frankie Vanity. She went for more of a Moulin Rouge look with her entire dress being created out of used coffee filters, coffee sacks and burlap bags, with most of which were given to her by Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee, and Java City. There was so much work put into this dress due to the fact that everything was constructed by hand. The cutest thing was the hat, which was made out of paper cup.

The third designer Angela Martin chose to go a different route. Although she did create a runway ready dress, she found her inspiration out of water bottles. The majority of her dress was constructed out of water bottles and compact disks that were found from where? A trash can. Again, everything was done completely by hand. IMG_0215

The winner has the opportunity to win salon packages, a spread in Indie Blush Magazine, the opportunity to showcase a full collection in Sacramento Fashion Week 2015 and a clothing rack.

This competition again is to show the creativity of each of these aspiring designers and each of them deserved to win, but there could only be 1 winner of the challenge along with 1 winner of the audience choice award. The audience choice award went to Kimberly Lucero, with her dark fantasy creation. The Capital Indie Collective Fashion Challenge winner this year was Frankie Vanity with her Moulin Rouge dress created with everything coffee!

With different challenge themes each year, next year is sure to be even better!


IMG_0225                             IMG_0226

IMG_0227   IMG_0233

IMG_0234   IMG_0244

IMG_0242  IMG_0250



The L.A.-Ification of Saint Laurent Is Complete — The Cut


The L.A.-Ification of Saint Laurent Is Complete -- The Cut

The L.A.-Ification of Saint Laurent Is Complete — The Cut.

This is actually fantastic news for us here on the West Coast! This marvelous and iconic fashion house is making an awesome decision to move to California and I cannot wait!

New Make Up Line By One Direction

Source: One Direction Facebook

Well, I finally received my limited edition collectors set of One Direction’s new make up line. Created by Markwins Beauty, this new line, which was launched this month has 3 different limited edition collector sets. Each with different tins in which names from each of their albums Up All Night, Take Me Home, and their latest chart topping album Midnight Memories. Each has a removable sleeve, complete with ONE DIRECTION doodle stencils to decorate your keepsake tin and make it unique.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”><p><a href=””>@NiallOfficial</a> THOSE SHOES THO</p>&mdash; 7.24.15 (@narrylavender) <a href=”″>June 28, 2014</a></blockquote>
<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>
After receiving my very own Up All Night set, I tested the products and the colors for the eyeshadows are vivid and go on smooth.The lipgloss goes on evenly and doesn’t have that sticky feel like most lip glosses. The mascara gives great length and fullness. The team at Markwin’s Beauty did an awesome job in creating this makeup line for a history making band.



For more information visit

Check out this date below for availability through the US and Canada

The line will be available worldwide starting in the U.S.

Macy’s – August 11th
Stage Stores August 25th
Dillards August 25th
Beauty Brands August 25th
Lord and Taylor – August 25th

*International release dates TBD. We’ll keep you posted!

So check out Macy’s today to see for yourself what the 1D boys have created!

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Andy Warhol’s Muses – Edie Sedgwick Andy Warhol – Harper’s BAZAAR


Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol’s Muses – Edie Sedgwick Andy Warhol – Harper’s BAZAAR.

Was he not the best? It must have been an honor to have been one of his muses and to have been a part of the wondrous fashion…

#andywarhol #muse #artist #art #harpersbazaar #icon

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