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Week One Of October Fashions



October is here, so why not start the month off with some essentials that will lead you into the winter season as well. Take a look! Click on each photo for more information on each item

Preorder Derek Lam Brushed Doubleface Crepe Strapless Dress With Belt Moda

RAY BAN ‘Aviator’ sunglasses


Annex Hi-Leg Ankle Boots TopShop

Vince Leather Scuba Jacket Nordstrom

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Designer Womens Clothes, Dresses & Fashion Accessories | Harrods


Designer Womens Clothes, Dresses & Fashion Accessories | Harrods

This is every girls dream right? I know it’s mine for sure. Take a tour of some of the most fanciest closets on Pinterest and start dreaming away. Or even take a further leap and get organized!

Designer Womens Clothes, Dresses & Fashion Accessories | Harrods.

Top Favorite Red Lipsticks


Russian Red from MAC Cosmetics

Russian Red from MAC Cosmetics




Pirate from Chanel Rouge Allure Collection

Pirate from Chanel Rouge Allure Collection

The color red seems to be a pretty popular one this season when it comes to lipsticks. But if you’re like me, it’s been a challenge to find the perfect color that didn’t either have a pink hue or too much of a burgundy hue to it. So, I figured I would do a little investigating on my own, which involved a set of really sore lips after I was done. I enlisted my trusty make-up artist Alexa Madru of the NARS counter inside Nordstrom Roseville Galleria. She knew my concerns from previous conversations with her regarding the color red. We went to several of the other cosmetic counters such as YSL, DIOR, CHANEL, MAC and of course NARS. IMG_0286

When searching for red lipsticks, there are several undertones in which don’t always accentuate certain skin tones. The hard part about this is that even though they look the perfect red on the sample lipstick, that’s not always the case when it gets onto your lips.

Because of our various skin tones, that red that you absolutely love on the sample, won’t always go with our skin tones. After trying on so many hues of glorious reds, both on the mouth and hand, we were able to finally choose the shades of red that I was looking for.

IMG_0290    IMG_0287

Chanel Rouge Allure in Pirate $35                Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Matte in La Fascinante $35

IMG_0291      IMG_0292

Yves Saint Laurent ‘Rouge Pur Couture’ Lipstick $35


IMG_0293       IMG_0294

M.A.C. Lipstick in Ruby Woo $16                   M.A.C. Lipstick in Russian Red$16

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Choose wisely! XoXO



All Eyes Were On Moschino’s Spring 2015



Leave to Jeremy Scott, the brains behind Moschino, to make quite  a stir for Milan Fashion Week. There was an excellent article on the very fashionable Barbie themed show by Nicole Phelps from In the article it states “It took a good 20 minutes to get past the throng at the door, the standing section was three rows deep, and the crowd whooped and hollered as the lights dimmed.” That piece clearly shows that this show was highly anticipated and expected to knock our socks off. But what else can you expect from such an eccentric designer? He came and hit the industry hard for fall 2014 with McDonalds and Budweiser. A Barbie themed collection is the next plausible step.

In the article it also states that ‘“Hiya, Barbie!” rang out from the loudspeakers, and delivering on the promise of the giant plastic comb that was included in the invitation, the first model emerged in a huge platinum blond wig, bubblegum pink lipstick, shrunken fuchsia leather jacket and miniskirt, and (what else?) mules.’ A most perfect show, showcasing life like barbie dolls.

All Images Courtesy of

001_AG18858  002_AG18875  009_AG19041  018_AG19209

020_AG19237  021_AG19273

026_AG19375  028_AG19462

034_AG19569  008_AG19020

043_AG19738  055_AG10003


To view to entire collection, please visit

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Music Spotlight: ASTR

Source: ASTR
Source: ASTR

Source: ASTR

In this first of a new series, I’ll be introducing you to new and already established musicians, their music and their music that must be heard. Fashion and music are truly one, from the clothing the musicians where to the clothing that is displayed in videos. Hence, why I am combining this new series into my blog. First up is ASTR, this duo from New York City creates electronic-pop music. Their combined style is an artistic sensibility informed by cinema noire, Miami Vice and urban dreamscapes.This is their EP ‘Varsity’ , which was just  released.

Take a listen to ASTR:

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Weekend Playlist You’ll Love


Want to start your weekend off right? What a better way than with music. There has been a ton a new music out lately and I’ve been in music heaven. Starting today, I’m beginning my weekend Soundcloud playlist. These songs will get you in the weekend groove and possibly make you want to download them or even add to your playlist!

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Hair Hacks – Tricks for Styling Your Hair – Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine


Hair Tips

OMG Ladies, this is definitely an article you want to read… I am going to apply these tips to my daily routine!

Hair Hacks – Tricks for Styling Your Hair – Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine.

The Fashion Phrases That It’s Time To Retire – Overused Fashion Phrases – Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine


The Fashion Phrases That It's Time To Retire - Overused Fashion Phrases - Harper's BAZAAR Magazine

The Fashion Phrases That It’s Time To Retire – Overused Fashion Phrases – Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine.

I’m not so sure about retiring some of these phrases.. I really kind of like them, I think we’ve all have gotten used to saying them. Click on the link and see what you all think and let me know your thoughts. Maybe a few? Maybe all? Or none at all?

Back To School With TopShop


Well, here we are, almost at the end of the glorious summer season with fall almost upon us and with that comes back to school. Whether it be high school or college, these items from TopShop will have all the heads turning.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 7.29.39 AM

1. TOPSHOP Leopard Print Pelmet Skirt $70

2. Topshop Chiffon Sleeve Blouse $64

3. TOPSHOP Grainy Faux Leather Pocket Backpack $68

4. TOPSHOP KNIGHT Lace Up Shoes $90

Click on the TopShop link to find these items

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Shoe Heaven At Harrods

Source: Harrods

Glory hallelujah! Can you believe this? Harrods has just created a shoe heaven for the enthusiastic shoe shopper.There is one bad thing though… There is no Harrods here in the states! But, I guess we’ll have to settle for the web then right? This new department has 17 boutiques just full of the designers we love, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Dior and so many more.

Source: Harrods

Source: Harrods

Designed by the late David Collins, with velvet banquet lounge seating, private shopping suites and beautifully edited displays. Private shopping? Sign me up! It just looks so divine and congratulations to all the lucky women who have the chance to personally visit these awesome boutiques.

Source: Harrods

Source: Harrods

Charlotte Olympia Sophia Leather Sandal

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