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Le 21ème | Hudson Street | New York City

Le 21ème | Hudson Street | New York City.

If you enjoy looking at photos of fashionable people on the streets of New York, Paris etc., Le 21ème is THE site to visit. I am in love with the outfits that these two are wearing and is by far my favorite I’ve seen so far on this site. Don’t get me wrong, there have been many outfits that I’ve seen that are awesome, but if I were to sum up myself and style, this would be it.. Black all the way.. I love everything about what they are wearing.. This is my inspiration for the new year….

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My Suburban Fashion Blogging Faux-Pas




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I made a big suburban faux-pas. When I first started blogging, I really didn’t know what I was doing or really what I expected to gain from it. What I did know is that I expected it to help me take my mind off of a lot of physical and emotional pain. Indeed it has, but since the last year of starting my blog, I can’t believe what it has done for me. Living in a suburban town with really not much excitement, blogging helped me in so many ways that I never thought possible, but yet, I still feel like there is something more out there for me.



Along the way, I do believe I have somehow diverted from what my whole ideology is about. After doing much thinking today about where I’d like to see my blog and writing take me today, I had an epiphany. I have lost track about my passion, and fashion is my passion. I was going a million miles an hour spinning my wheels for nothing and really lost sight. But I guess I shouldn’t completely feel that way, because I’ve met a great group of people that have helped me realize this.


At LA Fashion Week 2013 with designer J Burgos and her model

At LA Fashion Week 2013 with designer J Burgos and her model


What I’m trying to get at is this, I’ve made a few mistakes along the way as far as the financial aspect a priority, when all along that wasn’t the answer. With all this being said, excpect great changes from me and my blog. Expect new and exciting projects as I embark on amazing partnerships.

XoXo Adrielyn

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My Favorite Instagram Pictures



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Instagram can be a great source of inspiration and laughter. From the pictures it’s users post to the quotes, either way, you’ll get your dose of laughter, encouragement, knowledge and more each day. I love the fact that I am able to see so many pictures that motivate me and help my creativity flourish. With social media the way it is today, Instagram is one of those media outlets that do these and so much more for people and bloggers alike. Take a look at what is trending just on my very own Instagram page! @herfashionpassion

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Weddings Through David’s Bridals Eyes




Whether you’re already married, have been married or are just now planning that special day, it’s important to find the right Bridal Store. Not all Bridal stores are the same, and thats where David’s Bridal comes in. They provide every soon to be bride with all the necessary tools to help make that wedding day that ultimate special day. I had the great pleasure of attending the grand opening of the prototype store for David’s Bridal in Sacramento. This is the first store of its kind for the bridal chain and Sacramento was the city of choice. IMG_0001I was able to view the store the day before the grand opening, get a private tour and to hear all about who David’s Bridal is and what they’re all about. When I first walked in, I was already impressed with just the way the front check in area looked. It reminded me of a swank boutique in Los Angeles with the stark white walls, the lighting and the bright green, boxed in ground cover with the words “Today Is Your Day” written in the middle. If that alone doesn’t excite a bride, then I don’t know what else would. I was greeted by Charly Rok, VP of Public Relations for David’s Bridal, Rebecca Gannon, the store manager, and they’re senior stylist Brittany Spears. IMG_0036 They started the tour by showing me their social occasion area called DB Studio, it’s a section of the store that is a little more affordable for the bride that is looking for something a little more casual, say, for a courthouse wedding or even for their engagement party. What makes it even more appealing is that the prices start at $99 up to $249. Although this section could be worn by brides to be, but a vast selection of their dresses from their DB Studio and throughout the store can be worn for any special occasion as well. I was just amazed because I would never have thought to check out David’s Bridal for special occasion dresses for military balls, homecoming, pageants and more. IMG_0003               IMG_0002 We moved on to their large selection of formal mother of the bride gowns, grandmother or special guests gowns, which are so different than what you are used to seeing. The bridesmaid selection was just fabulous and David’s Bridal has a design team in New York City that travels all over the world to inspired by trends. Their bridesmaids dress are all made and designed in house to be kept up to date. They like to think that they can predict the trends when it comes to bridesmaids gowns. They have every style imaginable for the special girls a bride a chosen to stand in her bridal party. IMG_0016     IMG_0009 Every bride and bridesmaid needs accessories right? And isn’t it important to be able to find all of your bridal needs from one place instead of having to shop around from place to place? Well, after you’ve found your wedding gown or bridesmaids gowns, all you need to do walk a few steps into the wonderful accessories room. This room is full of everything you need to complete that special day look. From gorgeous shoes to clutches to bracelets and more, this is definitely a room to die for. IMG_0019 IMG_0027 IMG_0022 IMG_0024 IMG_0030 IMG_0031 What I was most excited for was to see the magnificent wedding gowns and boy was I in for a surprise. The lighting in the designer section just displayed the dresses in such a manner that made them look so glorious.  They have a section just for the designer collection gowns which are all exclusive to David’s Bridal, so that means, when you buy a designer gown from David’s Bridal, you know it’s not going to be at any other bridal store. IMG_0038 Designer Zac Posen has chosen to house his exclusive collection of wedding gowns and shoes with David’s Bridal. This is the only place you can find a Zac Posen wedding gown. In addition to Zac Posen, they also carry a wide collection of Vera Wang, which again, can not only be found in her bridal boutiques and David’s Bridal. Their collection of designer gowns do not stop with just Zac and Vera, but also Melissa Sweet. A very successful, couture designer that has a bohemian aesthetic to her gowns. She and David’s Bridal have a special arrangement in which she does all of the sketching and designing, while David’s Bridal takes care of all the hard work. Oleg Cassini is another designer that houses it’s collection with David’s Bridal. This famous, American Royalty designer has been amongst the Hollywood elite for a very long time so you know when you purchase your gown you’re getting a quality, iconic designer gown. IMG_0046 IMG_0052 IMG_0060   Veils are an essential and important finishing touch to any wedding gown David’s Bridal had a large, wonderful, various styles of veils to match your special gown. It really is just amazing to know that everything is carried at this store, from a room that is filled stacks and stacks of bras, shoes, bra inserts, slips and more. They even have a dye room for that bride that still would like to have her shoes match the color of dresses. IMG_0037 Another section of this massive store has rows and rows of dresses that under $800 and in various sizes from size 0 to plus sizes. I was able to view the alterations room where all alterations are done in house. Nothing is ever sent out, so there is never a wait or worry for your special dress. All you get is a guarantee that your dress is going to be perfect. IMG_0067   IMG_0070 What most impressed me about this store were not only Rebecca, Charly and Britney, but just the entire esthetic of the store, their selection of dresses, accessories, but most of all the prices, the pricing is phenomenal. You just cannot go wrong with a store in which socialites from New York and Los Angeles buy their designer gowns, and say their wearing designer, but don’t pay the designer price. IMG_0065   For more a more in-depth look or information please visit this link to  David’s Bridal Sacramento store #davidsbridal #brides #zacposen #verawang #melissasweet #luckymagazine #lucky #luckycontributor

I think I’m ready


If anyone has noticed, I’ve been MIA the past week. Thats due to the fact that I just lost my big brother, Michael. Michael had been battling a rare brain tumor for the past several years called an ‘Ependymoma’. This type of tumor is usually found in children and is rare in adults. How and why my brother got this tumor, we’ll never know. After several surgeries, radiation, chemo and the last, radiation seeds to kill whatever cells might have been left in his brain. We had hope, he had hope, we kept praying for the cancer to go into remission. Michael was so brave, strong, not once did he complain about his condition, not once did he want pity. He endured so much, with so much hope that he would make it through this disgusting thief. A thief that takes such good people from us. Our family, our friends, our children. My brother and I had a bond like no other, from the time we were children and until his passing to be with The Lord. There was a time where we didn’t talk, which was my decision, due to things I did not agree with what he was doing. Believe me, to this day, I will always regret those years that I cannot take back because I was trying to make a stand. Those years that I missed when he was healthy. But then I realized, the past 2 years that I spent with him battling his cancer, God was giving me that time that I had missed with him. Whether it be when he was healthy or not. I know I had no control over the time we had to spend together, but I am so grateful for the good and bad times that God had given us. He was only 47 years old. I am sharing this all with you because I have been grieving so bad for my brother and I miss him madly. The past several years my mom and I had a routine in visiting him. It was a daily routine for me and a nightly routine for my mom. His wife also endured so much in addition to his daughter. His wife kept the positivity up with him and there is so much more that she endured that I could not even begin to explain and that would take days. But this post is about my love for my brother and his love for me that will never ever leave either one of us. This post is about being ready to get back to writing and trying to keep my sanity. I think writing right now in addition to God is my saving grace in my grieving.

Be well


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