Hair Fragrance = The Best Smelling Hair. Ever. – The Coveteur

Hair Fragrance = The Best Smelling Hair. Ever. – The Coveteur.

This is the most exciting thing ever! I had heard some time ago last year that there was a hair fragrance, but have had trouble finding out who carried them. I am literally jumping for joy right now, fragrance made especially for hair. Unfortunately nothing is sold close by so it looks like I’ll need to do a little bit of online shopping, or take a trip to San Francisco and visit Mr. good ol’ Barney’s… If you have this pet peeve of fresh smelling hair everyday, I suggest trying one of these fragrances too!

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Exactly How to Dye Your Hair at Home and Look Completely Perfect

Exactly How to Dye Your Hair at Home and Look Completely Perfect

Exactly How to Dye Your Hair at Home and Look Completely Perfect.

Could this be the answer to a perfect at home dye job? I sure hope so!! After looking at the slides of the progression all the way to the end results, her hair looks great for an at home dye kit. After going a lot lighter myself last month, it didn’t turn out as I thought it would, so I think I’m going to give this kit a try… Maybe I’ll post my progression if I decide to give it a whirl… I’ll keep you updated.

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The Secret to Big Volume and Perfect Texture? A Little Bottle of Powder – Fashionista

The Secret to Big Volume and Perfect Texture? A Little Bottle of Powder - Fashionista

The Secret to Big Volume and Perfect Texture? A Little Bottle of Powder – Fashionista.

Ok, so may the hair in the above photo is not something you would wear everyday, but if you are looking for a bit more texture in your hair, then a powder may be a great choice. I have an problem with hair products and every other cosmetic product, I want to try it all. But having several different hair products and a texturizer. Powder’s for instance, a great product in which I definitely want to have in my cabinet. Read more here.

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WolffBehr Hair Extraordinaires

Destructo – Dare you to move

Last month I had the profound honor of meeting and interviewing Phillip Wolff and Chief Behr of WolffBehr Hair for Trend Privè Magazine. As I’m sure you’re all aware of by now, I am the West Coast writer for this International Magazine that is filled with fashion, beauty and more.

If you haven’t taken the time to read or learn more about this magazine, but they are also about humanitarian efforts as well. Below is my editorial and interview with these two most intriguing men in the hair business today. After interviewing WolffBehr, I see that not all stylists are created equal. Thank you to Chris Kisela of CMYK Photography in Folsom Ca for the awesome shots taken at Nevaeh Boutique Salon and Spa in Roseville Ca.

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Read below:


Let’s Talk Hair

Let’s Talk Hair

So, I always love to support and give updates on the businesses that I write on. Nevaeh Salon, Boutique and Spa is no exception. I’ve had many services done there and each time that I’ve gone, I’ve left completely happy and satisfied. I wanted to try another service for another review and they didn’t disappoint again. This time I went in for some more layers in my hair and I was referred to Trevor Schweitzer.

What I was most impressed about him was the fact that he sat me down and asked me exactly what I was hoping to get out of the service. I explained and showed him a picture of what I wanted and he knew right away what look I was going for. Once we headed over to the wash bowl to clean and rinse my hair, he took his time cleansing my hair using the preferred product of choice Oribe. If you read my previous post on Oribe hair products, then you know what fantastic line of hair care it is.

IMG_1663 IMG_1664



IMG_1665 IMG_1666

After a good wash, rinse and condition, we headed back to his station to begin my transformation. Trevor made sure that we were both still on the same page as far as how I wanted my bangs and and how far I wanted them to start from the crown of my head. After the layers were cut and added to my hair, next came the blow dry and style. He knew exactly that I wanted to have that textured look once the styling was done, so he used Oribe’s Original Pomade to have the textured piecing look.

IMG_1667 IMG_1668


IMG_1669 IMG_1670

Trevor surpassed my expectations and I was beyond pleased at how my hair tuned out. For any hair care services, please sure to visit Nevaeh Salon Boutique and Spa and ask for Trevor, you will not be disappointed! While you’re there check out their selection of Oribe Hair Care products as well.

Oribe Original Pomade

Oribe Original Pomade

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Selena Gomez Creates a Wavy Hairstyle with Braids: Beauty How-Tos:


Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Creates a Wavy Hairstyle with Braids: Beauty How-Tos:

OMG, I never thought about doing this.. I remember when I was a young girl and did this, but never have given any thought about doing this today! Thanks Selena for giving us all some inspiration for giving our hair a rest from the effects of the curling iron!

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Shenae Grimes Debuts Dramatic Ombré Hair (PHOTO) : Lucky Magazine


Shenae Grimes' New Ombrè

Shenae Grimes Debuts Dramatic Ombré Hair (PHOTO) : Lucky Magazine.

Alright guys, I think, no matter what the traditional Ombrè and certain other types will always be in style and on trend, but this one here that actress Shenae Grimes just debuted is making me question her style. There are too many things wrong with it. First of all, the styling of her hair is just not right for this particular Ombrè. When you’re trying to rock this color trend, the hair has style or cut has to be more edgy. Second, the color at the bottom is too bright, it needs to be a little more subtle and not so coppery compared to the color on top. It just doesn’t match. Third and lastly, its not a cascading Ombrè. It cuts off without fading or blending in from the top to bottom. Ombrès are meant to look like the meaning….

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Gorgeous Man Hair

Source: Vogue- Jared Leto

Source: Vogue- Jared Leto

Man Hair….Why is that some men get all the luck and get those luscious locks that we women oh so lust after? I mean, we are the woman after all and don’t you think ‘we’ should get all those beautiful locks of hair instead of the men? I for one think so. We spend so much money on getting our hair so perfectly soft, supple, thick and shiny when a man such as say… Jared Leto gets it naturally?

Source: Vogue-Sebastian Bach

Source: Vogue-Sebastian Bach


What about all the rockers from the early 80’s heavy metal bands? Their head banging locks just flowing every so lightly in the air just makes me lust after it even more. I can just kick myself for cutting my hair when I was younger. I had such long, pretty and a lot of hair… until I got a stick up my butt and decided to cut it off.

Source: Vogue-Brad Pitt

Source: Vogue-Brad Pitt


It’s been downhill ever since… All of the bleaching, coloring, heat and styling done to it has just really done a number on it, but I have hope that one day, yes, one day… I will get the hair of men such as Jared, Sebastian and Brad (pre Angelina)… There is hope to attain that beautiful man hair.

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