Hello all, I’ve started a new trend on my blog, and starting now, I’ll be linking my posts that I write for Hit The Floor Magazine. Hit The Floor Magazine is a online magazine specializing in music, fashion, beauty and movies, everything and anything pertaining to these categories. I hope you all can visit and hopefully make reading Hit The Floor Magazine part of your reading routine.

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Giveaway Friday!

Giveaway Friday!

Every other Friday I’ll be giving away amazing products and this Friday is a Shower Cap and Hair Spray by Blow Pro from the Style Bar from Nordstrom Galleria Roseville. I have both of these products and love them. Enter to win by: Following my blog, follow me on twitter, Like my Facebook page and tweet #blowin to @fashion_utopia even if you already follow me! Give Away ends 4/1. Leave a comment stating where your best blow was!
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The Perfect Distressed Denim Look

We all love distressed denim right? It just gives that look of raw, edginess and tattered look and if worn right, you can transition it from a casual, toned down look to a night out on the town look. I’ve put together a few looks here:


NSF “Beck” Boyfriend Jean $308

If you’re looking for a less expensive denim try these:

02G16FMDT_largeMoto Hayden Rip and Repair Jean $84 Top Shop


Marco Bologna Blazer $295     Tux Blazer $120 French Connection

hbz-spring-shoes-sophia-webster-md                  28eb3624798bf48be639ae5233640a7e

Sophia Webster $550 Nordstom       Kate Spade $328 Zappos Couture

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Burberry Lace Top $995 Net-a-porter    Piped Merino Sweater $90 Net-a-porter

410126_in_xl            926a65e20a292c76b2f9d4c19f3e0ece


Sophia Webster $490 Net-a-porter   Christian Dior $3750 Blue Fly

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Happy 1st Year!!!


Wow, I can’t believe how time has just flown by! A year ago today I started blogging and boy has it been a journey. As I lay here at 4:30 am prepping for a neurological test, I ponder about the first day I wrote my first post and did not know what the heck I was doing. But that was the start of something new for me. I was hooked. I started blogging to help ease my mind about my physical condition and it has been a blessing. Not only does take my mind off of my issues, I am writing about what I love; fashion and beauty trends. I have made some great blogger friends, twitter friends and Facebook friends and connections along the way and they have been so supportive. That doesn’t even begin to say what else I have accomplished over the year that I never thought I could. I have the honor of writing for several magazines that have given me the fortuitous optimism and aspiration to become something better. This experience has given me and made me realize that I can do whatever I put my mind to. I can only hope to continue to better my writing skills and someday make it big. So to all of you who have helped me throughout this journey, given me feedback and positive reinforcement,  thank you so much and I hope to continue this journey with you and have a listen to one of my favorite songs at the moment!

Thank you!!!


The Joy Of Shopping

The Joy Of Shopping

I’m sure we’ve all seen Confessions of a Shopaholic right? Well, we all probably have a little bit of Rebecca Bloomwood in us right? Its true and been said that shopping makes everything better and just brings a sense of joy. But we must remember that clothing is not everything and I have to remind myself of that, but there are days when I just need to buy to make ME feel better. So, cheers to Rebecca Bloomwood!