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Exodus Style In Review


As a Catholic, I was raised on the Biblical stories and virtues as lessons from God. After watching these movies as well when I was child, I was more impressed with the actual stories and message they conveyed. But this evening we went to see the new version of the Ten Commandments called Exodus Gods and Kings, starring Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton. This newly transformed story of Moses and King Ramesses II.







I was really thinking I was going to watch the story of Moses and how he freed the Hebrews from slavery. But as the movie progressed, I found myself just obsessed with the makeup and costumes the characters were wearing. They were just pure magic and so beautiful, from the black winged eyeliner to the wigs and headpieces to the magnificent clothing. The colors of gold and white were so eye catching that I kept asking myself, “is it bad that I’m so interested in the makeup and costumes more than the movie”? So, I decided I’m going to style my next photo shoot around this movie. I’m really totally obsessed now.





If you haven’t ventured out yet to see Exodus Gods and Kings yet, I highly suggest you go to see it. Even if you don’t believe in the story, at least go for the costumes, hair and makeup, scenery and special effects. You will be impressed just as I was.

maria-valverde-exodus2 exodus-gods-and-king-movie-screenshot-nefertari-golsifteh-farahani exodus-oct17-3-1024x682 golshifteh-farahani

I’m curious to hear what you think! Tell me your thoughts..


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December Special Issue With Trend Privè Magazine



Well another issue down in the books with Trend Privè, and I am so proud of the editorials I wrote because they were in collaboration with several people. Chris Kisela of CMYK Photography has consistently taken the time out to help me with my special projects. Not only does he take the time from his busy schedule to photograph for me, he does some really awesome work. I had the pleasure of interviewing and meeting two really great guys; Philip Wolff and Chief Behr of WolffBehr. These are really some of the best in the hair business, not to mention so down to earth and approachable. If you have not had the chance to take a look at Trend Privè, now is the time. I cannot wait for next year, there will be so much more to come!

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Ski Inspired Sweaters Winter Fashion Trend:


Ski Inspired Sweaters Winter Fashion Trend:

Ski Inspired Sweaters Winter Fashion Trend:

Ladies!! This is one of the best things about winter, the sweaters..  With the weather getting a little more chilly, these sweaters are the perfect option for looking oh so chic this winter.

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John Galliano to Show Margiela Couture in London – Designer Luxury – Fashion –


John Galliano to Show Margiela Couture in London – Designer Luxury – Fashion –

If I haven’t said it before, I just love Galliano. Everything about him oozes creativity, artistic and just awesome. I cannot wait to see what he brings to Margiela, both men and women’s. If you’re familiar with his previous shows, then is it safe to ask can we expect more of the same or something different? Let me know what you think.

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Chanel’s Austrian Jaunt – Runway, Fashion Week, Fashion Shows, Reviews and Fashion Images –


Chanel’s Austrian Jaunt – Runway, Fashion Week, Fashion Shows, Reviews and Fashion Images –


Chanel, dazzled as usual the house displayed their designs in the Salzburg Austria. Scroll through the photos from the beautiful men’s and women’s collection

Ardency Inn Holiday Makeup

Image Courtesy of Ardency Inn
Image Courtesy of Ardency Inn

Image Courtesy of Ardency Inn

As a blogger, I get to test some of the best cosmetic products on the market today.  Especially when it has to do with two of my favorite things, music and makeup, but not just any type of music, EDM.  Internationally recognized EDM artist and DJ Audrey Napoleon, has produced iconic tracks  such as My Sunrise, been featured in Heinekens 2014 worldwide campaign, Dope A La Mode, and been featured as one of the Top 10 Tracks of 2014 by DJ. In her hometown of TriBeCa New York, Audrey created the theme of the campaign for Ardency Inn: A modern, downtown Cleopatra.

New for Christmas, Ardency Inn, known for their professional grade, pigment-rich formula has launched two holiday kits containing the famed MODSTER Smooth Ride Supercharged Eyeliner includes two exclusive colors that are not yet available to purchase individually.

I received the full sized trio which included Black, Dark Blue and Gold, and a travel sized duo containing mini liners in Black and True Blue. Gold and True Blue will not be available as a single purchase until Spring 2015. The colors were highly pigmented, soft upon application and stayed all day without bleeding. They are perfect for those special events or a night on the town. I loved how I was able to use the blue liner for making the cat eye look and I used the gold as a liner underneath.

Ardency Inn’s MODSTER Eyeliner, is a perfect brand to add to your liner collection or to simply just try.

To pick up your own set of liners, visit select Stores in the U.S. and Canada. Or you can visit or The trio retails for US $29 and $33 Canada.

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Delias Going Out Of Business – Nasdaq Stock Delisting


Delias Going Out Of Business – Nasdaq Stock Delisting.

If you haven’t seen this coming by now, then where have you been? Every time I pass by the Delia’s store in the Westfield Roseville Galleria, it’s always empty. I’ve seen this coming for quite sometime now. To be quite honest, I surprised they haven’t closed yet. But now here’s the next question, what does this mean for other teen stores? With the every changing styles and teens moving away from stores like these, what is the fate of others  such as Abercrombie and Fitch, or Hollister? They’ve made some pretty drastic changes to their iconic college prep look and so far it seems to be working, along with constant sales.  Stores such as Forever 21 and H&M seem to be the way more teens and 2o’s above are spending their money at these days. What do you think?

Black Friday Deals


Are you ready for Christmas? Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and unfortunately some merchandisers are opting to open up for Black Friday shopping, instead of allowing their families to spend the holiday with one another. But if you’re in the shopping mood right now, below are some great holiday deals going on.

Moda Operandi Sale

All Saints Sale

The Elements Of Dysphoria



If you don’t already know, I contribute to several publications with one of them being a local publication in Sacramento called IndieBlush Magazine. If you read my blog posts regularly, then you’ve probably seen the links to my recent articles. But this time, I’m writing on a huge and amazing fashion show and human art event I am helping produce. The show is called Elements, a high fashion inspired by Burning Man show along with an exclusive preview of Dysphoria.

Dysphoria is an high art human body experiment, combating Body Dysmorphic Disorder and bullying, which will be headed to Burning Man 2015. I have such the greatest pleasure of putting my fashion skills to use along with my love of music and working with the most amazing group of people. These people allow me to express myself and are willing to see what I can do and after a constant badgering like I always do when I have such a passion for something, they said yes and let me run with it.

We are now nearing the 2 week mark before the big show on December 12th. We will not only share the fashions of local boutiques, local designers, but the exclusive preview of Dysphoria. Body Dysmorphic Disorder affects 49% of men and 51% of women and children themselves experience this body image disorder, which stems from the constant bullying of the difference in their bodies. If you are local, please join us on this special evening on not only supporting me, but local merchants and designers, but more so the entire Dysphoria project.

For more information on the entire Dysphoria project please visit You can also claim your VIP tickets at this site with your special code iblushVIP along with General Admission tickets as well. If you are unable to attend, please take the time to read about Dysphoria and it’s mission.

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What Are the Best Dresses for Big Busts?:


What Are the Best Dresses for Big Busts?:

I don’t have big boobs, but I do have curves and I love this dress! Nasty Gal, here I come… My only wish is that I was close to the LA store that just opened…. Oh why why…. But I guess this what the good ol’ web is for right?? Curvy gals, this is your holiday dress!

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