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John Galliano to Show Margiela Couture in London – Designer Luxury – Fashion –


John Galliano to Show Margiela Couture in London – Designer Luxury – Fashion –

If I haven’t said it before, I just love Galliano. Everything about him oozes creativity, artistic and just awesome. I cannot wait to see what he brings to Margiela, both men and women’s. If you’re familiar with his previous shows, then is it safe to ask can we expect more of the same or something different? Let me know what you think.

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Chanel’s Austrian Jaunt – Runway, Fashion Week, Fashion Shows, Reviews and Fashion Images –


Chanel’s Austrian Jaunt – Runway, Fashion Week, Fashion Shows, Reviews and Fashion Images –


Chanel, dazzled as usual the house displayed their designs in the Salzburg Austria. Scroll through the photos from the beautiful men’s and women’s collection

The Elements Of Dysphoria



If you don’t already know, I contribute to several publications with one of them being a local publication in Sacramento called IndieBlush Magazine. If you read my blog posts regularly, then you’ve probably seen the links to my recent articles. But this time, I’m writing on a huge and amazing fashion show and human art event I am helping produce. The show is called Elements, a high fashion inspired by Burning Man show along with an exclusive preview of Dysphoria.

Dysphoria is an high art human body experiment, combating Body Dysmorphic Disorder and bullying, which will be headed to Burning Man 2015. I have such the greatest pleasure of putting my fashion skills to use along with my love of music and working with the most amazing group of people. These people allow me to express myself and are willing to see what I can do and after a constant badgering like I always do when I have such a passion for something, they said yes and let me run with it.

We are now nearing the 2 week mark before the big show on December 12th. We will not only share the fashions of local boutiques, local designers, but the exclusive preview of Dysphoria. Body Dysmorphic Disorder affects 49% of men and 51% of women and children themselves experience this body image disorder, which stems from the constant bullying of the difference in their bodies. If you are local, please join us on this special evening on not only supporting me, but local merchants and designers, but more so the entire Dysphoria project.

For more information on the entire Dysphoria project please visit You can also claim your VIP tickets at this site with your special code iblushVIP along with General Admission tickets as well. If you are unable to attend, please take the time to read about Dysphoria and it’s mission.

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What Are the Best Dresses for Big Busts?:


What Are the Best Dresses for Big Busts?:

I don’t have big boobs, but I do have curves and I love this dress! Nasty Gal, here I come… My only wish is that I was close to the LA store that just opened…. Oh why why…. But I guess this what the good ol’ web is for right?? Curvy gals, this is your holiday dress!

All Saints For Christmas

Image Courtesy of All Saints
Image Courtesy of All Saints

Image Courtesy of All Saints

If you’re not familiar with the brand All Saints, then you’ll be quite surprised to hear that the brand was founded in 1994 and launched it’s line of women’s wear in 1998. Since the openings of several stores on Kings Road, Earlham Street, Fouberts Place and Birmingham Bullring England in 2003. It’s been providing mens and women’s Fashion, Womenswear, Menswear, Clothing, Accessories, Footwear with attitude, individuality and creativity. Visit them online or in any of their stores across the United States.

All Saints Walk On Sweater $230

AllSaints Jules Jodphur Boot $415

Hawks Leather Biker Jacket $630
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Mad For Madewell

Image Courtesy of Madewell

The little sister to J Crew has finally come to the Sacramento area. Until yesterday, the only way to shop at Madewell was to either travel to bay area or online. The store opened it’s doors at Arden Fair Mall and from what I hear, there is one slated to open in the Roseville Galleria Mall. J Crew has invested millions in developing the Madewell label and has taken the heritage Americana angle with the clothing, especially in the denim department. If you don’t know much about Madewell, take a look at some of their adorable clothing below, and if you want to stop in and shop, visit them at Arden Fair Mall.


Cashmere Varsity Sweatpants $198

Image Courtesy of Madewell Cashmere Varsity Sweatpants $198

Image Courtesy of Madewell

Image Courtesy of Madewell

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Party With TopShop

Photo: TopShop

Topshop Cara Christmas Banner
One of the many reasons why I love TopShop is because of their consistency to stay on trend and the quality for the price. I can honestly say that I can always find something from TopShop for any occasion whether it be everyday clothing or an event. Now that the holidays are among us they’ve come out with their new holiday collection starring none other than Cara Delevingne. Watch below the video of all of the looks the super model dons.

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Alexander Wang for H&M Already Crashed the Website – Fashionista


Alexander Wang for H&M Already Crashed the Website - Fashionista

Alexander Wang for H&M Already Crashed the Website – Fashionista.

Didn’t we see this coming? I know I sure did, I mean come on, this is one of THE most coveted collections H&M has done since Isabel Marant. I was in Silicon Valley today and was hoping to get the chance to go to the H&M there because I knew the San Francisco store would have the collection. But It’s probably a good thing because I don’t think I would have had any chance on picking up any piece of the collection. Hopefully I’ll be able to get something from this hot collection.


Beyoncé, Topshop Team For Ath-leisure Brand – Specialty Stores – Retail –


Beyoncé, Topshop Team For Ath-leisure Brand – Specialty Stores – Retail –

This is set to be another highly anticipated collaboration and if it’s anything like Beyoncé’s current style, then it should be hot! I am looking forward to it and can’t wait to get my hands on some pieces!

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Look Out Fashion World

Image Courtesy of La Tier

Listen here: Kaskade, Fire in your new shoes ft Dragonette


Yes! Finally! Thank you!! A fashion show that is worthy of being called a” fashion show” in Sacramento. I’ve been to so many fashion shows lately here in Sacramento and yes, the shows have been good, but nothing like what I witnessed this evening. My idea of an awesome fashion show is in a gallery setting  which is intimate, chic and the perfect lighting. Thats exactly how La Tier’s “Inititation” fashion show was.

This packed show was all about showcasing the up and coming talent in Sacramento. 7 fashion design students Yennie Zhou, Amal Iqbal, Mikie Spencer, Svetlana Bunyatyan, Alma Orozco, Ulyysses Gonzalez, & Saul Latvanen, all  from American River College have put their heart and soul into their studies of becoming verified fashion designers. I can be the first to attest that they are all on their way and it won’t be long before any one of them gets noticed. The show was held at the Verge Center For The Arts, an art center where the community can use for various art events. The event was put together with tact and organization.

There were ushers there to seat each guest in their assigned row and seat. The lighting was perfect and the setting was perfect with white walls filled with hanging art and tall ceilings. Each designers set was meticulously done, from the hair and makeup, which was provided by Paul Mitchell the school to the models. All of the designers were fabulous and not to discard any of their talents, but their were a few that stood out to me, not just for their designs but for their concept and visions.

Ulysses Gonzalez created a concept that was Grecian and Greek Mythology inspired, but once I got a better look at it, his vision and collection reminded me of something that the late great Gianni Versace would have created.

IMG_0655 IMG_0661

IMG_0666 IMG_0674

Mikie Spencer, another very talented student designer created her vision of the “Seven Feasts” of The Lord. Again, blown away, so much work, detail and time was devoted to this collection that was biblical inspired. With each model walking to each feast: Redemption, Holy Walk, Resurrection, Coming of the Holy Spirit and Birth of The Church, Gathering of Israel, Atonement of Israel, Kingdom of Joy. So much intricate detail in each dress.

IMG_0680  IMG_0706


Saul Latvanen, not only was he one of the curators of this event, but also the headlining designer. I was literally blown away from his entire collection which to me was very Cavalliesque… From the moment the first model walked out, I knew he was going to close the show with a bang. Saul has the makings of becoming a designer on the level as Roberto Cavalli.



IMG_0715 IMG_0720

IMG_0735 IMG_0723

IMG_0739 IMG_0742

IMG_0748 IMG_0747

I’ve had the pleasure of attending LA Fashion Week and each and every one of these young, talented designers has what it takes to get themselves there or even New York Fashion Week. Supporting student fashion designers is a big part of any community, not just the fashion community, but the arts in general. Please take the time and visit La Tier and Verge Center For The Arts. La Tier can also be found at


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