New Cosmetics Overhaul

I have been on a cosmetics binge lately and especially with NARS and Urban Decay products. I’ve started to venture out a little more and try a whole range of products. I especially love to share my new treasures with you all so you can decide for yourself if you’d like to try them as well. First off, I never tried any of the NARS lipstick before until recently and let me just tell you, I’m in love with the bright color palette that is available. I’m also on a red lipstick kick (I’m always on some type of kick), so I wanted to try their red.

Red Lizard was first on the list. Oh my goodness, I cannot tell you how many compliments I get when I wear this color. It’s smooth, soft and the best part about it? It makes my lips pop! It’s also a red that can go with any complexion and yet still give you those sexy red lips to die for. If that wasn’t enough, I saw their other colors, Schiap and Heat Wave a few days ago in Harpers Bazaar and wanted to try those too. Schiap is one of those pinks that every girl needs in her makeup collection. Like Red Lizard, it has that oomph that just brings out your lips and would probably make any man want to kiss them because they look so amazing. Heat Wave is a cross between a red and tangerine which makes it that perfect blend for anyone who is looking for a semi orange color.


1. Red Lizard Lipstick $26

2. Schiap Lipstick $26

3. Heat Wave Lipstick $26

Next up is my Urban Decay fascination and to be honest, I never really had a desire to try the cosmetics products until now and I’m feeling a shopping spree coming soon for this brand. But on to my choices. I like to change my mascaras up only because there is such a variety out there. They have a new mascara out called Perversion|Bigger Blacker Badder. Along with Subversion Lash Primer. Leave it to NARS to have the perfect names for their products. The mascara is everything it claims to be. Absolutely amazing. I thought I was in love with Givenchy, but this mascara takes the cake.  The primer (Subversion) goes on first and then the actual mascara. It lengthens, makes them fuller and definitely blacker. I read that once you tried it, there wouldn’t be another mascara for you. I’m hooked. Another product from Urban Decay which I am extremely satisfied with is their Ink For Eyes eyeliner. First, I was not good with doing eyeliner, until now. This eyeliner goes on smooth, dark and makes it so easy to line the upper and lower lids. I think I’ve mastered the cat eye, which I was never able to do before until now. So that says a lot for an eyeliner to help me and impress me.


1. Urban Decay Perversion Mascara $22 Urban

2. Urband Decay Ink For Eye Liner $20 Urban

Click the Nordstrom link on the side bar to purchase any of the NARS lipsticks

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Flash Tattoos – How to Wear Temporary Metallic Tattoos


Temporary Tattoos

Flash Tattoos – How to Wear Temporary Metallic Tattoos.

There has never been as good a trend as this one here. Temporary Metallic Tattoos and I am totally in love. There are just too good of many reasons to not have these such as: 1, they’re temporary, 2, they’re temporary 3, they’re gold 4, they’re glam!

Available at

Zara Fall 2014 Lookbook | POPSUGAR Style & Trends


Zara' s Fall Look Book

Zara Fall 2014 Lookbook | POPSUGAR Style & Trends.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything to my blog,; I’ve been writing for others! But you can expect more regular pieces here on out.

Zara has come out with their fall look book and as usual, it looks awesome. Can we expect nothing less than Zara? Go ahead, look away!

Zodiac Fashion and Personal Style – Fashion – Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine


Does Your Horoscope Shape Your Style?

Ok ladies whatever your thoughts are on astrology or if you follow your horoscope through zodiac signs or not, have you ever considered that may your zodiac sign dictates your wardrobe choices? Not to say I follow my horoscope or anything, but after reading my zodiac sign which is Gemini, it’s pretty much right on the nose. Read the article and see what you think and if this is you!

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Zodiac Fashion and Personal Style – Fashion – Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine.

Get The Look: White Button Down Shirt

Source: Harpers Bazaar

Source: Harpers Bazaar

The white button down shirt is a classic piece of clothing that has been worn and updated over and over again. Not only are they versatile and can be worn with so many other pieces of clothing such as a classic pencil skirt for work, a pair of tailored pants, or tailored shorts. But the trend today is wearing this classic shirt with a pair of distressed denim jeans and let me tell you, it looks sexy, chic, and hot. Here’s an example of how to get this awesome look:


Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 10.31.48 AM

1. Banana Republic Slim Fit Linen/Cotton Button Down Shirt – White $60 Banana Republic/

2. J.Crew Broken-in boyfriend jean in Ludington wash $115 J

3. Alexander McQueen Ivory Black Leather Sandal $381 Shop

4. The Bridge Under-Arm Bag $434 (additional off this price, visit ad on side bar)

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Lessons From Martha Stewart


Martha Stewart is the queen DIY, cooking etc., and when it comes to any holiday festivity, her books are the first I go to for help, especially desserts. With that being said, she collaborated with Harpers Bazaar to create a self help video for “Lessons On Being Everything You’re Not”. She is after all, who else could give us such great lifestyle advice? You can watch the video below:





The Best Blue Nail Polishes For Summer

Seriously, summer is really the 2nd best time of the year next to Christmas. Well, correction, 3rd best after Easter! The open toed shoes and manicures galore, we have it all don’t we as women? But when it comes to choosing the best nail color it can be a difficult choice. I don’t know about you, but I am the most indecisive person, not just when it comes to nail colors, but anything in general. Enough about indecisions, lets get back to nails. When you think of summer what is the first thing that comes to mind? I don’t know about you, but the first thing I think about is the beach, deep blue sea water and sand. What goes with summer, sand and deep blue sea water? Magnificent manicured nails with the color of mediterranean waters. So, I shopped for us and found the perfect shades of blue for your next manicure or pedicure. Look below:

Source: Net-a-porter

Source: Net-a-porter

This is probably my favorite color right now because I can just imagine wearing this on both nails and toes with a long white gauze dress and a pair of gold toe ring sandals… Perfection! $19 LEIGHTON DENNY Nail Polish – I’m So Soirée Net-a-porter

Source: Net-a-porter

Source: Net-a-porter

This color is the epitome of ocean blue water. Pair this pretty puppy with a beautiful black silk halter dress and you’re ready for that summer evening dinner. $18  DEBORAH LIPPMANN Nail Polish – Video Killed the Radio Star Net-a-porter



This color reminds me of the water in Lake Tahoe NV. So beautiful. You can pair this with just about summer outfit of choice. $8.50 ESSIE BLUES nail color, midnight cami

Forever 21

Forever 21

What else can be said about this color? Southern California beach, perfection! $2.80 Blue Print Nail Polish

Forever 21

Forever 21

Lastly but definitely not least, this reminds me of the caribbean sea along with white sand…. True summer! $2.80 Tamed Turquoise Nail Polish

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Fourth Of July Outfit Inspiration

With the 4th of July just one day away, are you ready for the bbq’s, pool parties and picnics? If not, I have the outfit that will have you dazzle all of the guests. You’ll make them wish they had thought of the same outfit! Below are some options to recreate this très chic outfit!


Source: Glamour Mag

Source: Glamour Mag

552a2d075b3f7d09f872e019009ab2da _9152129

1. Distressed Overall Shorts               2. Mavi Denim Wanda Overalls

$27.80 Forever21                                  $128 Nordstrom

49693484f6c29d8d6924fa9a86f92430 5584073250_6_1_1

3. Boyfriend T Shirt                                        4. Long Strappy Tank

$22.86 Asos                                                      $15.90 $7.99 Zara


5. Seersucker Pencil Skirt (I have this!)        6. Alexander McQueen Skull Print Scarf

$98.00  $69.99 Extra 40% off with                $295 Net a porter

code SHOPMORE J Crew

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7. Giuseppe Zanotti  Cross Body                            8. Charlotte Olympia Charlotte Wedge

$840  $672                                               $895  $447.50



9. Jeffrey Campbell Strappy Sandals

$144.95 $101.47

Enjoy and Happy 4th!



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