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Urban Decay Store Opening Wende Zomnir Interview


Urban Decay Store Opening Wende Zomnir Interview.

This is so wonderful!! To all the ladies and guys who love Urban Decay Cosmetics this is going to be a haven for us all… If we happen to be in SoCal! Yes! SoCal I love you… Why is that everything good is in either the bay area or SoCal? I am hoping to take a trip soon to visit a lovely friend and I’ll just have to drag her along with me. What else are girls supposed to do other than shop for clothes and shoes? Makeup time..

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The Elements Of Dysphoria



If you don’t already know, I contribute to several publications with one of them being a local publication in Sacramento called IndieBlush Magazine. If you read my blog posts regularly, then you’ve probably seen the links to my recent articles. But this time, I’m writing on a huge and amazing fashion show and human art event I am helping produce. The show is called Elements, a high fashion inspired by Burning Man show along with an exclusive preview of Dysphoria.

Dysphoria is an high art human body experiment, combating Body Dysmorphic Disorder and bullying, which will be headed to Burning Man 2015. I have such the greatest pleasure of putting my fashion skills to use along with my love of music and working with the most amazing group of people. These people allow me to express myself and are willing to see what I can do and after a constant badgering like I always do when I have such a passion for something, they said yes and let me run with it.

We are now nearing the 2 week mark before the big show on December 12th. We will not only share the fashions of local boutiques, local designers, but the exclusive preview of Dysphoria. Body Dysmorphic Disorder affects 49% of men and 51% of women and children themselves experience this body image disorder, which stems from the constant bullying of the difference in their bodies. If you are local, please join us on this special evening on not only supporting me, but local merchants and designers, but more so the entire Dysphoria project.

For more information on the entire Dysphoria project please visit You can also claim your VIP tickets at this site with your special code iblushVIP along with General Admission tickets as well. If you are unable to attend, please take the time to read about Dysphoria and it’s mission.

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Rockabilly Glam photo shoot photo shoot photo shoot Boots by Bedstu

Uh! I just love what I do! I like to style from the local boutiques and with the help from Chris Kisela of CMYK Photography, I get the most stunning photographs. This time around, I had gorgeous Alex Farjado. Instead of relaxing on her day off, she agreed to model for me for this concept, I have been wanting to do. Button Up Boutique in Palladio Folsom has clothing for every look that you’re going for. They had everything I needed for this concept of which I call “Rockabilly Glam”. I wanted to do something with the photos this time, so I decided to make a video with some of the photos from the shoot. I created it to play to my new favorite track by Dave Guetta Ft Sam Martin “Dangerous”.

A complete gallery of photos along with brands Alex is wearing below:

Stylist: Adrielyn Christi

Hair: Ariana Christi

Makeup: Alexandra Christi Photo Shoot Photo Shoot

Black Leather Skirt from Sanctuary $99 Blondie T Shirt by Chaser $52 photo shoot photo shoot

Denim pants and Jacket both by Level 99 $124-$129 T Shirt by Wildfox $64 photo shoot photo shoot

Bogo Fringed Kimono and Dress both by Free People $98-$168 Boots by Dolce Vita photo shoot photo shoot photo shoot photo shoot photo shoot photo shoot photo shoot photo shoot

Enjoy! Xoxo!


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David’s Bridal Cocktail Dress Giveaway



David’s Bridal was so thankful for the article I posted about the grand opening of their Sacramento store!


Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 9.43.31 PM

In recognition of my behind the scenes tour and my article of the new David’s Bridal store which celebrated it’s grand opening on Friday September 12, I was given a gift. As their way of saying thank you for spreading the word about their grand opening, I was given a brand new sample dress from their racks. Now, keep in mind, I had to option of keeping this beautiful dress for myself or giving it away to one of my lucky followers and readers. So obviously from the title of my post, I am giving the dress away!

So, what I’d like for you to do is; “like” my Facebook page and leave a comment, Tweet the giveaway and if you are not follower yet, follow my blog and leave your email address and a comment in the comment section. The giveaway will end on Mon Sept 22 and the winner will be notified by Facebook, twitter and email! So with that being said, GOOD LUCK!!

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Playing Dress Up At Button Up Boutique

Here in Folsom, CA, there aren’t a lot of really great stores or boutiques at that I like to frequent or even talk about. I have to travel to El Dorado Hills, Roseville or Sacramento to get a really great selection of boutique clothing and even if wanted to do some really big shopping, I’d have to go to Nordstrom in The Galleria At Roseville or if I wanted to go even bigger, I have to travel to San Francisco and don’t even get me started on that. But what I’m trying to get at is that Button Up Boutique in The Palladio in Folsom is really the only shop I frequent other than Whole Foods and stuffing my face with food and shopping does not really faire well with me these days, but I always seem to find something that ‘need’ at Button Up. Button Up is owned by Runway Boutique in El Dorado Hills and which is another great store in the area. The good thing about this boutique is that they have a great selection of denim, t shirts, dresses, loungewear etc.. and they carry a lot of  contemporary brands such as Wild Fox and Chaser. I have such fun going around to my favorite stores and just looking at the great items they carry and I just have to share with everyone else!

Blouse $150 Shorts by Joes Jeans $98 Shoes by Dolce Vita $122 Necklace $176 Purse by Me&D $149

Blouse $150 Shorts by Joes Jeans $98 Shoes by Dolce Vita $122 Necklace $176 Purse by Me&D $149

Leather Top $168 Grey Skinny Jeans by Sold $128 Shoes by Dolce Vita $129 Necklace and Earrings by House of Harlow Purse by Me&D $95

Leather Top $168 Grey Skinny Jeans by Sold $128 Shoes by Dolce Vita $129 Necklace and Earrings by House of Harlow Purse by Me&D $95


Pop in to Button Up to find these and much more fantastic items and watch the video here:

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Fresh New Fashion 101

Alex is wearing a stunningly  beautiful black Rory Beca Silk Dress $285

Alex is wearing a stunningly beautiful black Rory Beca Silk Dress $285

In continuance with my posts on the great fashions from the local boutiques in my area, Lazio Boutique in El Dorado Hills Ca is right on target for the season. Lazio is not your ordinary boutique. The owner Sara makes sure that she buys clothing that you really can’t find anywhere else. What makes that special you say? When trends come and go, and everyone else is wearing the same style, a woman doesn’t want to get caught wearing the same item as another. Sara makes sure that she orders only the chicest collections from designers such as Rory Beca, Genetic Denim, LnA and other brands that you would find in sunny Los Angeles. You can never go wrong by putting together mixed prints, especially with such bold, bright colors as below. Wearing silk during the spring and summer will definitely help you keep your cool, plus you look sassy.  Take a look at the fashion shoot at Lazio in El Dorado Hills Ca and see which style you like best and which you’d prefer to wear; if not all!

Silk Cami by Rory Beca $155 Slik Pants by Rory Beca $195

Silk Cami by Rory Beca $155 Slik Pants by Rory Beca $195

Silk Dress by Rory Beca $290 Hat by Hat Attack $89

Silk Dress by Rory Beca $290 Hat by Hat Attack $89

Cali girl cool! Rory Beca ($198) Romper used under an LnA t shirt ($90). A nice casual look

Cali girl cool! Rory Beca ($198) Romper used under an LnA t shirt ($90). A nice casual look


Alex and Sara after the shoot

Alex and Sara after the shoot

Shop these looks and more at Lazio Boutique in El Dorado Hills Ca 916-939-0102

Watch the video here and listen to a great song by Cults – High Road:

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Fashion 101- New Outfits That You’ll Love


I am so pleased and honored that the TBD/SAVVY department at my go to store aka Nordstrom Roseville Galleria allowed me to do my fashion shoot in their department. Its really bad when all of the stylist know you by name and when other employees know you by name too! But hey, I’m not ashamed to say Nordstrom is probably my favorite department store mainly because of the employees there, the service, the services available and the selection of items.

On To Shopping

Lindsey, the manager of the TBD/SAVVY department was so gracious to allow me to use the clothing from the department and have my model wear them. I couldn’t contain myself because their new shipments are just to die for. My girls had so much fun trying the clothes on, walking around the store and just loving having their pictures taken. We all fell in love with outfits I put together and will be purchasing several items. I hope you all enjoy the first of many to come fashion shoots from Nordstrom!

Jacket by Harlow & Graham $118 Pants Paige $209 Cami by Chelsea 28 $42

Jacket by Harlow & Graham $118 Pants Paige $209 Cami by Chelsea 28 $42

Blouse by Astr $50 Skirt by June & Hudson $60 Collar Necklace available

Blouse by Astr $50 Skirt by June & Hudson $60 Collar Necklace available

Blazer by Touvé $98 Jeans by Rag & Bone $198 T Shirt by Rag & Bone $95 Necklaces by Virgins Saints and Angels

Blazer by Touvé $98 Jeans by Rag & Bone $198 T Shirt by Rag & Bone $95 Necklaces by Virgins Saints and Angels

Denim Shirt by Hinge $68 Denim by Paige $209 Bag by Michael Kors, Calin Boots by Dolce Vita $189

Denim Shirt by Hinge $68 Denim by Paige $209 Bag by Michael Kors, Calin Boots by Dolce Vita $189

Kimono by Free People $98, Jumpsuit by Free People, Shoes by Dolce Vita $89.95

Kimono by Free People $98, Jumpsuit by Free People, Shoes by Dolce Vita $89.95

All of these fabulous items can be found at Nordstom Savvy Trends, your local Nordstrom, or if you’re local, at the Nordstrom Roseville Galleria. View the video here:

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Fashion 101 With Her Passion For Fashion

So, I’ve collectively created a new addition to my blog by adding “vlogs” on my outfits of the day from the local boutiques that I love to share with everyone. As usual, I use my lovely, beautiful, gorgeous daughter (a bit vein am I with her? lol!). But wait, I also added my oldest lovely, gorgeous daughter in up coming posts too! I am really just so excited about this new addition to my blog. The first boutique up is a boutique called Mirror Mirror, which I have written several posts on. I love the feel of this boutique because they carry an eclectic collection of clothing, shoes and accessories. I think what I like most about Mirror Mirror is their prices, they have low to mid and mid to high items, which is a must for any shopper looking for a fabulous find at a great price. Who doesn’t love it when you find something you absolutely love at a great price? I’ve styled 5 outfits of my favorite items from Mirror Mirror to share as modeled by my lovely daughter. By the way, if you’re local, don’t wait too long to pop into Mirror Mirror, as these fab outfits will not last long. Hope you enjoy!

Headband by Free People, Overall by Big Star, Jacket by Niki Biki, Mohair shoes by Bacio61, and Bag by Me & D,

Top and Shorts by Love Sadie, Bag by Walter Baker, Shoes by Poetic License and Jewelry by Lovie Smith
Kimono by Vintage Rose, Cami by Niki Biki, Jeans by Joes, Bracelet by Paula Carvalho and Shoes by OTBT
Dress by Nick and Mo, Purse by Mary Francis and shoes by Poetic License
Sweater by Luv 4 Annoka, Tulle Skirt by Melody, Shoes by Bacio61, Cowboy Bag by Me&D, and Necklace by Sweet Lola

Also view my Vlog of the session here:

All of these outfits and pricing can be found online at Mirror Mirror or contact them at 530-676-4511
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OOTD From Lazio Boutique in El Dorado Hills Ca

Well, here we are, my very first “photography” shoot. I’m trying my hand at doing modeling shoots using my beautiful daughter and her beautiful friend wearing clothing from a few of the boutiques I love to do posts on. Lazio is one of them and Sara Root, the owner has a keen eye for choosing the most savvy and stately clothing. Which is why I wanted to do my first OOTD post on her clothing and her boutique.



My daughter, Alexandra on the far left wearing a wool bird sweater by MIH and which is the last one I might add, I personally bought this sweater myself and I just love it. She’s also wearing wool leggings by Pendleton. Her friend Cami, is wearing a black leather jacket by AS by DF, white t shirt by LNA and grey leggings by LNA as well.

2014-01-15 23.15.58


Here they are reading #Lucky Magazine. Alexandra is wearing one Lazio’s new spring arrival, a jumper by Rory Beca, Rory Beca is a Los Angeles based designer who is known for her soft silk shirts, dresses and more. Cami is wearing a sequined top by AS by DF and is 1/2 off right now I might add. The skinny jeans she is wearing are by Genetic Denim and 1/2 off as well and the wool hat is by Hat Attack.

2014-01-15 23.13.38


The Perfect Little Black Dresses!! These girls are gorgeous! Oh to be young again!! Alexandra is wearing THE cutest black silk dress, again by Rory Beca and Cami is wearing a black leather dress by AS by DF. These dresses are great for a dinner date.

Stay tuned for my next OOTD shoot with these two gorgeous girls!

Something so strong


There is just something so amazing about a person who stays strong as they go through trials and tribulations in their life. But when a person is diagnosed and going through cancer, but yet stays positive throughout it all says a lot. Nici Dale Mayer of Mirror Mirror Boutique in Cameron Park Ca is one of these persons.


When you look at her, you would never imagine that she had just went through a round of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. After not seeing her for a few months, I met with Nici a few days ago and I was not expecting to see her look as amazing as she did. Of course the entire outfit she was wearing was from Mirror Mirror and I loved everything she had on.


What makes it even more amazing is that it wasn’t  the first time she’s gone through a battle such as fighting cancer. Nici was first diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in August of 2012 and underwent 6 months of chemo. But not only with the support and love from her family, she maintained a positive outlook on it all. After all of the treatments to beat the cancer, she had gone into remission.Thats when she and her mother decided to open a boutique up and share their love of shopping and most of all shopping together. This boutique has been a blessing for her, it’s not only given her the opportunity to “shop” all the time, its given her the opportunity to run a clothing store with her mother and give back to other cancer patients. Nici and her mother give a portion of the proceeds of their sales to the American Cancer Society and she has also started a wig project for women who are battling cancer and have loss their hair due to chemotherapy. In August of 2013 Nici was again diagnosed with recurrent Hodgkins Lymphoma, even through this Nici has still managed to maintain such a positive outlook on life, on her cancer and on their boutique. The doctors are optimistic that Nici will stay in remission because of the type of bone marrow transplant that was done. There is no other way than to continue to go up for Nici and Mirror Mirror. If you were faced with what Nici has gone through, do you think you would be as strong and positive? I myself couldn’t say, I don’t know how I would feel, but what I do know is what Nici and her mother have put together is something special and I know she’ll stay cancer free and I wish the boutique only luck and prosperity.

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