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Love Your Fit

Do you know your body shape? If you do, then congratulations to you, most women do not. It’s something that we as women do not bother to find out, especially when shopping online. This is probably the main reason why…

Madam Butterfly

In keeping with the tradition of writing about the local boutiques in my area, here is my 5th installment of a local iconic boutique. Madam Butterfly has been in business for 33 yrs in the city of Sacramento Ca and…

My new addition!

So, adding new and upcoming boutiques and established ones as well to my posts has become a regular part of my blogging. Boutiques are an intricate part of fashion blogging I believe. They don’t get nearly as much exposure as…



My second installment of my local boutique spotlight is of another boutique located in the plush hills of El Dorado Hills CA. Runway carries the latest trends in clothing, from denim, shoes, dress and more; but wait, get this, they also carry evening wear. From prom to pageant gowns, they have them all, it’s kinda of a one stop shop!
Robin Bernadoni, the owner, has created a wonderful place to shop for women of all ages. My youngest daughter who is 17 now has loved this place since she was 15 yrs old, but up until now hasn’t been able to fit into the clothing because she’s so tiny. But anyway, Robin, who opened Runway Boutique with the help of her husband 5 yrs ago and has a following for the trendy women of the surrounding El Dorado Hills, Folsom area. Since there isn’t a major department store close by, she felt there was a need for a store that carried the items she loved. Robin, has a passion for fashion like just about every woman and has always wanted to go into the fashion industry but decided to get her MFN masters from Santa Clara State University. But after having 2 children, she decided to be a stay at home mom and do the whole mom thing until her children grew a little older. Once she had her free time, she do decided to tie her MFN masters in with working with women, and that meant selling clothes, purses and more! So I asked her what was her favorite brand that she carries in her store and she told me Bailey 44. Bailey 44 is a clothing line that can transition from any age.
When talking to her, you can tell she just loves what she does and she told me the best part of owning a boutique are the customer relationships she’s developed, her employees and helping women find that perfect article of clothing. I don’t know how she does it, it takes a lot of sanity… She also has another location in neighboring Folsom (where I live!) called Button Up and can you believe it, she and her husband are thinking of opening a third location! I tell you it takes a strong willed woman to do this type of business and that Robin is.
So there you have it, another spotlight on another great boutique, if you have time, check out Robin’s boutique at and