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Top Favorite Red Lipsticks


Russian Red from MAC Cosmetics

Russian Red from MAC Cosmetics




Pirate from Chanel Rouge Allure Collection

Pirate from Chanel Rouge Allure Collection

The color red seems to be a pretty popular one this season when it comes to lipsticks. But if you’re like me, it’s been a challenge to find the perfect color that didn’t either have a pink hue or too much of a burgundy hue to it. So, I figured I would do a little investigating on my own, which involved a set of really sore lips after I was done. I enlisted my trusty make-up artist Alexa Madru of the NARS counter inside Nordstrom Roseville Galleria. She knew my concerns from previous conversations with her regarding the color red. We went to several of the other cosmetic counters such as YSL, DIOR, CHANEL, MAC and of course NARS. IMG_0286

When searching for red lipsticks, there are several undertones in which don’t always accentuate certain skin tones. The hard part about this is that even though they look the perfect red on the sample lipstick, that’s not always the case when it gets onto your lips.

Because of our various skin tones, that red that you absolutely love on the sample, won’t always go with our skin tones. After trying on so many hues of glorious reds, both on the mouth and hand, we were able to finally choose the shades of red that I was looking for.

IMG_0290    IMG_0287

Chanel Rouge Allure in Pirate $35                Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Matte in La Fascinante $35

IMG_0291      IMG_0292

Yves Saint Laurent ‘Rouge Pur Couture’ Lipstick $35


IMG_0293       IMG_0294

M.A.C. Lipstick in Ruby Woo $16                   M.A.C. Lipstick in Russian Red$16

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Choose wisely! XoXO



Hair Hacks – Tricks for Styling Your Hair – Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine


Hair Tips

OMG Ladies, this is definitely an article you want to read… I am going to apply these tips to my daily routine!

Hair Hacks – Tricks for Styling Your Hair – Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Mac Collection – Makeup News


Rocky Horror Picture Show Mac Collection - Makeup News

Rocky Horror Picture Show Mac Collection – Makeup News.

Ok divas, this is the ultimate collection that Mac will be coming out with this year, in addition to several other collections. But seriously this one is sure to be a sell out. Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection is so awesome!! Tim Curry would be proud! Read attached link for more

Mascara That’s Actually Revolutionary – Beauty Products – Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine


Mascara That's Actually Revolutionary - Beauty Products - Harper's BAZAAR Magazine

Mascara That’s Actually Revolutionary – Beauty Products – Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine.

I Just did a post about this awesome mascara and it is everything in the article. It is possibly for me the best mascara I have ever tried. I don’t have long eyelashes and it lengthens my short lashes giving me the long ones I’ve always wanted. The primer, sets up your lashes so they are ready for the actual mascara. Once the mascara is applied, all you see is amazing long, thick, dark lashes. But don’t take my word for it. You must try this yourself.

New Cosmetics Overhaul

Source: Nordstrom

I have been on a cosmetics binge lately and especially with NARS and Urban Decay products. I’ve started to venture out a little more and try a whole range of products. I especially love to share my new treasures with you all so you can decide for yourself if you’d like to try them as well. First off, I never tried any of the NARS lipstick before until recently and let me just tell you, I’m in love with the bright color palette that is available. I’m also on a red lipstick kick (I’m always on some type of kick), so I wanted to try their red.

Red Lizard was first on the list. Oh my goodness, I cannot tell you how many compliments I get when I wear this color. It’s smooth, soft and the best part about it? It makes my lips pop! It’s also a red that can go with any complexion and yet still give you those sexy red lips to die for. If that wasn’t enough, I saw their other colors, Schiap and Heat Wave a few days ago in Harpers Bazaar and wanted to try those too. Schiap is one of those pinks that every girl needs in her makeup collection. Like Red Lizard, it has that oomph that just brings out your lips and would probably make any man want to kiss them because they look so amazing. Heat Wave is a cross between a red and tangerine which makes it that perfect blend for anyone who is looking for a semi orange color.


1. Red Lizard Lipstick $26

2. Schiap Lipstick $26

3. Heat Wave Lipstick $26

Next up is my Urban Decay fascination and to be honest, I never really had a desire to try the cosmetics products until now and I’m feeling a shopping spree coming soon for this brand. But on to my choices. I like to change my mascaras up only because there is such a variety out there. They have a new mascara out called Perversion|Bigger Blacker Badder. Along with Subversion Lash Primer. Leave it to NARS to have the perfect names for their products. The mascara is everything it claims to be. Absolutely amazing. I thought I was in love with Givenchy, but this mascara takes the cake.  The primer (Subversion) goes on first and then the actual mascara. It lengthens, makes them fuller and definitely blacker. I read that once you tried it, there wouldn’t be another mascara for you. I’m hooked. Another product from Urban Decay which I am extremely satisfied with is their Ink For Eyes eyeliner. First, I was not good with doing eyeliner, until now. This eyeliner goes on smooth, dark and makes it so easy to line the upper and lower lids. I think I’ve mastered the cat eye, which I was never able to do before until now. So that says a lot for an eyeliner to help me and impress me.


1. Urban Decay Perversion Mascara $22 Urban

2. Urband Decay Ink For Eye Liner $20 Urban

Click the Nordstrom link on the side bar to purchase any of the NARS lipsticks

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The 10 Best Makeup Artists on Instagram:


Makeup Artists You Need To Follow

The 10 Best Makeup Artists on Instagram:

If you’re anything like me, that’s always looking for new ways, tricks and techniques for makeup, then look no further. Some of these makeup artists are the best in the business and I know I would love to see some of their Instagram posts for tips I can do on my own. So, there you go, click on the link to follow these Instagram accounts of some of the best artists in the biz.. I’ve already done it!

Flash Tattoos – How to Wear Temporary Metallic Tattoos


Temporary Tattoos

Flash Tattoos – How to Wear Temporary Metallic Tattoos.

There has never been as good a trend as this one here. Temporary Metallic Tattoos and I am totally in love. There are just too good of many reasons to not have these such as: 1, they’re temporary, 2, they’re temporary 3, they’re gold 4, they’re glam!

Available at

Prabal Gurung for MAC Cosmetics Makeup Collection


Prabal Gurung For MAC

Prabal Gurung for MAC Cosmetics Makeup Collection.

I just cannot contain myself! I am literally so excited to the point where my hand are clammy from excitement. This is sure to be one of the most coveted collections any designer has done with MAC. I put a call in to my beauty associate at Nordstrom Roseville and have made sure that I get one of everything on or the day before this launches on Nov 26. Ladies, this is sure to amazing so be sure you don’t miss out!

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Shop Charlotte Tilbury at NET-A-PORTER | Worldwide Express delivery | NET-A-PORTER.COM


Shop Charlotte Tilbury at NET-A-PORTER | Worldwide Express delivery | NET-A-PORTER.COM

Shop Charlotte Tilbury at NET-A-PORTER | Worldwide Express delivery | NET-A-PORTER.COM.

This is an exciting day and I cannot wait to try this entire line. The colors look amazing and the mascara is one that is a definite try. I will let everyone know once I’ve purchased and tried! I cannot wait!

The 10 Biggest Myths About Cellulite – The Truth About Cellulite – Marie Claire


Cellulite Myths

The 10 Biggest Myths About Cellulite – The Truth About Cellulite – Marie Claire.

I am so glad, finally that there is an article that is addressing cellulite, the causes and the myths that surround the truth vs the facts. Yes, me, I am a cellulite sufferer that up until now, am finally trying to decrease the look. I’m almost to the point where I’m willing to go to a dermatologist to have treatment done on the back of my thighs. After reading this article, I’m holding off at the moment to try one of the options that is suggested. If you’re a cellulite sufferer, this an article that must be read.

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