Flash Tattoos – How to Wear Temporary Metallic Tattoos


Temporary Tattoos

Flash Tattoos – How to Wear Temporary Metallic Tattoos.

There has never been as good a trend as this one here. Temporary Metallic Tattoos and I am totally in love. There are just too good of many reasons to not have these such as: 1, they’re temporary, 2, they’re temporary 3, they’re gold 4, they’re glam!

Available at flashtat.com

Prabal Gurung for MAC Cosmetics Makeup Collection


Prabal Gurung For MAC

Prabal Gurung for MAC Cosmetics Makeup Collection.

I just cannot contain myself! I am literally so excited to the point where my hand are clammy from excitement. This is sure to be one of the most coveted collections any designer has done with MAC. I put a call in to my beauty associate at Nordstrom Roseville and have made sure that I get one of everything on or the day before this launches on Nov 26. Ladies, this is sure to amazing so be sure you don’t miss out!

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New designer handbags from AW14 fashion week. See all the bags | ELLE UK


New designer handbags from AW14 fashion week. See all the bags | ELLE UK

New designer handbags from AW14 fashion week. See all the bags | ELLE UK.

What is it about handbags and women? Is it the novelty part of it or is it just that they are just so darn pretty? Well at least these here are. Going through these photos, I was nearly having a heart attack at all of them that I want. It’s not a good thing, especially of you’re a bag collector like me. Go ahead enjoy the beauties…

Vestiaire Collective Quality Control Say No To Fakes (Vogue.com UK)


Fake or Real?

Vestiaire Collective Quality Control Say No To Fakes (Vogue.com UK).

Oh boy! This is some real stuff isn’t it? There is actually a team that authenticates everything fashion. This is right up my alley, I am such an advocate for buying authentic designer handbags. My sentiment is, these companies put so much money into their products for that luxurious feel. Trust me, it feels good knowing that you have a quality handbag or product that won’t fall apart after a few months. I’m no expert, but I can clearly spot a fake when I see it and if I could I would inspect it. Who wants to spend their hard earned money on a product you know you purchased directly from the designer and then see the fake on someone knowing that they probably only paid $50 for it. Sorry if I may seen a bit snotty about this subject, but fakes just bug me to the bone. Hey, maybe I can get a job at Vestiaire….

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Vintage Chanel

Chanel, there is no other great designer that. Not just any item though, vintage, Vintage pieces of The House of Chanel. The brand has remained a leader in the fashion industry whose handbags have held their value and have become ageless. There have been plenty of replicas and which have been marketed at less than what the value is and should be.

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel first dreamed up the 2.55 in the early 1920s. Tired of having to carry her bag in her hands, she looked for inspirations and found some from soldiers’ packs. She later incorporated an extended strap into her own carryall. From this inspiration, she launched the quilted bag in February 1955 after World War II by putting a long chain strap and has captivated woman ever since. Not just with the quilted handbag, but accessories as well. Moda Operandi has a collection of the world’s most iconic handbags and accessories.

Vintage Chanel

Source: Moda Operandi

Vintage chain belt

Source: Moda Operandi

Vintage CC

Source: Moda Operandi

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Moda Operandi Its A Girl Thing Clutches

Source: Moda Operandi

Source: Moda Operandi

These acrylic clutches will have you saying “its great to be a girl” and wanting each and every one of them for your wardrobe. One for almost everyday of the week, for evenings out and weddings.

Source: Moda Operandi

Source: Moda Operandi

GIRLS Pandora Perspex Clutch Charlotte Olympia $1495


Handcuff Perspex Clutch CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA $1295


M’O Exclusive: Faux Fur Clutch Harvey Faircloth $225


Lady Me Two-Tone Silk Clutch SARA BATTAGLIA $890


Hold Me Pandora Perspex Clutch CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA $1395

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Your Horoscope Is In The Bag


Greek designer Urania Giourmetaki, who goes by her creative name Urania Gazelli, has worked for years with plexiglass alongside her father and has made a name for herself in Greece. She founded her brand in 2010 with the notion that philosophy meets futurism with classicism.

These plexiglass clutch bags are handcrafted using exceptional materials and finished with her signature brass gold plated sign inside the bag. Although she creates a vast collection of handbags, her fall/winter 2015 collection is full of the zodiac signs. Yes, your zodiac sign has never been better. These handbags are truly vibrant and what a way to let everyone know just a little bit about your horoscope.

The collection is available for pre-order now through Moda Operandi and this truly a handbag you’ll want to have just because of the uniqueness. Scroll through the gallery of these beautiful handbags:


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Michael Kors: At It Again

In a recent post, I wrote how Michael Kors seems to be duplicating the looks of many other designers such as the amazing Louis Vuitton with his new bag “Jet Set Logo Tote”As a phenomenal designer, I just don’t get why you would want to try and duplicate another designers work. Yes, I can see how he is trying to capture the market of women who want that designer look without the designer price, but it’s getting to be a bit excessive now.

Source: Nordstrom

Source: Nordstrom Michael Kors Small “Chelsea”

Source: Michael Kors Jet Set in Camo

Source: Michael Kors
Jet Set in Camo


He has now come out with two more additional handbags that resemble the Stella McCartney Falabella Purse and Valentino’s Rock Star Tote and these are just a handful of others that he seems to continue to replicate. I also want to note that the “Falabella Purse” and “The Rock Stud”  have been in stores since last year. Am I the only one that seems to notice this? Is it normal for established designers with his stature to create handbags with such similarities to other big designers such as these? Me, being someone who buys nothing but authentic designer handbags, not because they are name brand, but because of the beauty of the handbag and the originality of the handbag.

Source: Stella McCartney Falabella Purse

Source: Stella McCartney
Falabella Purse

Source: Valentino Valentino Rock Stud Tote in Camouflage

Source: Valentino
Valentino Rock Stud Tote in Camouflage


I personally do not want to carry a knock off version of the original design of the handbag that I paid a pretty price for. In my opinion, its the principal of the matter, and Michael Kors duplicating the looks of many well known designers handbags could very well fall into the category of the black market knock off handbags.

STYLE MEETS MUSIC | Rebecca Minkoff RM Edit


Music Meets Fashion

If you love music like I do, and would love to take it with you everywhere you go, then Rebecca Minkoff has the solution for you. It’s a pretty great new tool and invention. The clutches are chic and very discreet, it’s style in one….


STYLE MEETS MUSIC | Rebecca Minkoff RM Edit.