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Black Friday Deals


Are you ready for Christmas? Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and unfortunately some merchandisers are opting to open up for Black Friday shopping, instead of allowing their families to spend the holiday with one another. But if you’re in the shopping mood right now, below are some great holiday deals going on.

Moda Operandi Sale

All Saints Sale

Thanksgiving Nail Ideas:


Thanksgiving Nail Ideas:

OOOOH!! I am feeling so inspired right now! It makes me want to go get my nails changed.. wait, I already am next week.. Too bad I’ll be missing out with some fresh new gels for the Thanksgiving, but maybe you have time to with these great awe inspiring ideas to get your hands looking perfect for this oh so wonderful holiday!

A Scent That Smells Like Sensuality — The Cut


A Scent That Smells Like Sensuality -- The Cut

A Scent That Smells Like Sensuality — The Cut.

Not that I need it… But this sounds like an awesome test to conduct. So, I am going to purchase the perfume and see if it actually does what it says it can do. Stay tuned!!

Beauty Sales Black Friday 2014 Makeup Deals


Beauty Sales Black Friday 2014 Makeup Deals.

With 1 more day before Thanksgiving, we must start thinking about the start of the Christmas Holiday shopping.. Click this link for some awesome Black Friday Makeup Deals

Urban Decay Store Opening Wende Zomnir Interview


Urban Decay Store Opening Wende Zomnir Interview.

This is so wonderful!! To all the ladies and guys who love Urban Decay Cosmetics this is going to be a haven for us all… If we happen to be in SoCal! Yes! SoCal I love you… Why is that everything good is in either the bay area or SoCal? I am hoping to take a trip soon to visit a lovely friend and I’ll just have to drag her along with me. What else are girls supposed to do other than shop for clothes and shoes? Makeup time..

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The Elements High Fashion Event Preview


Elements is a High Fashion Show with that is inspired by Burning Man , you will not want to miss this show! #Elements

A high art human body experiment who’s mission is to help combat Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Bullying headed to Burning Man 2015 #Dysphoria


11 Pairs of Black Tights That Won’t Give You a Muffin Top – Fashionista


11 Pairs of Black Tights That Won't Give You a Muffin Top - Fashionista

11 Pairs of Black Tights That Won’t Give You a Muffin Top – Fashionista.

Alright ladies, this is for us. With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years approaching, now is the perfect opportunity for those deadly treats and delicious meals to affect our waist line. With most tights that roll or can give that awful muffin top, these featured here in this article from Fashionista will have us all smiling.. read on

The Elements Of Dysphoria



If you don’t already know, I contribute to several publications with one of them being a local publication in Sacramento called IndieBlush Magazine. If you read my blog posts regularly, then you’ve probably seen the links to my recent articles. But this time, I’m writing on a huge and amazing fashion show and human art event I am helping produce. The show is called Elements, a high fashion inspired by Burning Man show along with an exclusive preview of Dysphoria.

Dysphoria is an high art human body experiment, combating Body Dysmorphic Disorder and bullying, which will be headed to Burning Man 2015. I have such the greatest pleasure of putting my fashion skills to use along with my love of music and working with the most amazing group of people. These people allow me to express myself and are willing to see what I can do and after a constant badgering like I always do when I have such a passion for something, they said yes and let me run with it.

We are now nearing the 2 week mark before the big show on December 12th. We will not only share the fashions of local boutiques, local designers, but the exclusive preview of Dysphoria. Body Dysmorphic Disorder affects 49% of men and 51% of women and children themselves experience this body image disorder, which stems from the constant bullying of the difference in their bodies. If you are local, please join us on this special evening on not only supporting me, but local merchants and designers, but more so the entire Dysphoria project.

For more information on the entire Dysphoria project please visit You can also claim your VIP tickets at this site with your special code iblushVIP along with General Admission tickets as well. If you are unable to attend, please take the time to read about Dysphoria and it’s mission.

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What Are the Best Dresses for Big Busts?:


What Are the Best Dresses for Big Busts?:

I don’t have big boobs, but I do have curves and I love this dress! Nasty Gal, here I come… My only wish is that I was close to the LA store that just opened…. Oh why why…. But I guess this what the good ol’ web is for right?? Curvy gals, this is your holiday dress!

All Saints For Christmas

Image Courtesy of All Saints
Image Courtesy of All Saints

Image Courtesy of All Saints

If you’re not familiar with the brand All Saints, then you’ll be quite surprised to hear that the brand was founded in 1994 and launched it’s line of women’s wear in 1998. Since the openings of several stores on Kings Road, Earlham Street, Fouberts Place and Birmingham Bullring England in 2003. It’s been providing mens and women’s Fashion, Womenswear, Menswear, Clothing, Accessories, Footwear with attitude, individuality and creativity. Visit them online or in any of their stores across the United States.

All Saints Walk On Sweater $230

AllSaints Jules Jodphur Boot $415

Hawks Leather Biker Jacket $630
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