The Death Of Skinny Jeans?

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Kaskade Summer Nights Ft The Brocks

As a skinny jean lover, it’s been the only type of jean that I’ve worn for the past several years and I honestly can’t see myself wearing bootleg denim anytime soon. I recently read an article where they talked about how the skinny jean is on it’s way out, except for a certain style of skinny jean. The black distressed and ripped jean.

Now, I’m the first to agree, yes, this jean is totally in and I can be the first to attest that I personally love them. But to say the indigo, grey, and white skinny will not be the jean of choice soon, is really preposterous. In my opinion they will always remain a staple in my closet and should remain in yours as well. It’s just a jean that you can dress up or down, it’s like the Thelma to the Louise. They’re just so comfortable, which is why they will not be leaving the fashion scene anytime soon. Take a look at some great skinnies I found from Zara, Barneys, Revolve Clothing and more.


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Fashionably Chic Joggers



Listen Here: Adventure Club

We’ve all seen them lately, at least I think we all have, the Joggers. They are everywhere and can be seen at almost every department store and specialty mall store. With different types of materials to choose from denim to fleece, you can make these trendy pants work for you. They aren’t just for relaxing, no, wear them while running your errands, casual with your kicks, and your dressed up with a pair of heels. Regardless, you’ll agree that these are some lovely pants.



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Finding The Perfect Leather Jacket


Listen Here: Adventure Club Gold (ft Luna)


When it comes to leather jackets, it can sometimes be a daunting task. There are heaps of styles, skins, types and of course colors. But with the ever changing fashion trends, a black leather jacket should be a staple in your wardrobe. Keep in mind when shopping for this essential piece of clothing, there is a wide variety of styles and price ranges to choose from. Personally speaking, there are only a few styles I can wear, and thats because of my broad shoulders. So I did a little investigating and found the perfect style for each body type. Depending on your preference of whether it be genuine leather, faux or vegan, there is a look for each female body type. Take a look below:

1. The Motorcycle Jacket or as some call it “moto” jacket, this particular and most popular style of jacket comes in different looks and cuts. But be careful, if you have broad shoulders, be sure to shop for one without thick shoulder pads.

LOVE 21 Hooded Moto Jacket Black/Charcoal Medium Forever 21

TALL Faux Fur Collar Biker Jacket – Black TopShop $110
ASTR Vegan Moto Jacket Nordstrom $112


Leather Biker Jacket $299 H&M
2. The Drape Front Leather Jacket is a jacket that is perfect for all body types. The draping is complimentary for long or short torsos as well.

Vince ‘Paper’ Leather Scuba Jacket Nordstrom $995
VIVIENNE WESTWOOD ANGLOMANIA Renee felt-paneled leather jacket $955 Net-a-Porter

Just remember, when shopping for real or faux  leather jackets, just be sure that it fits your body shape such as arms and shoulder. Also remember whatever budget, theres a jacket out there for you, just be open minded and shop around.

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Beyoncé, Topshop Team For Ath-leisure Brand – Specialty Stores – Retail –


Beyoncé, Topshop Team For Ath-leisure Brand – Specialty Stores – Retail –

This is set to be another highly anticipated collaboration and if it’s anything like Beyoncé’s current style, then it should be hot! I am looking forward to it and can’t wait to get my hands on some pieces!

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Nervo – The Most Fashionable Female DJ’s In The EDM World

Image Courtesy of Nervo
Image courtesy of Cover Girl

Image courtesy of Cover Girl

If you don’t listen to EDM or Electronic Dance Music as it is called, then you’re probably not aware of the Australian DJ sister duo called Nervo. The EDM scene is a mostly male dominated scene and female DJ’s are rare. But twin sisters Miriam and Liv are on the rise in the business of making people dance and want to rave.



In addition to being DJ’s they are brilliant songwriters and have written a wide array of singles for top 40 music artists such as  Nicki Minaj, Flo-Rida and Rihanna. Not only have they collaborated with other EDM stars like Steve Aoki and Nicky Romero and are hitting the circuit and becoming regulars at festivals such as Ultra Music Festival and EDC Las Vegas. As if their amazing talents as DJ’s and songwriters aren’t enough, add a well-heeled modeling career to their resumé.

Image Courtesy of Nervo

Image Courtesy of Nervo

Image Courtesy of Nervo

Image Courtesy of Nervo

The twins are currently signed with the acclaimed agency Wilhelmina Modeling Agency. Which explains why they have such great fashion sense. When playing their sets Liv can be seen wearing a black fedora, while Miriam’s hair is short and styled in a chic faux-hawk. They wear ripped tights and combat boots with chic, fitted tops and cropped jackets.

Image Courtesy of Nervo

Image Courtesy of Nervo

But don’t be fooled by their tough looks though. They are every bit as chic as they look. With the Nervo twins skills behind the DJ booth and in the fashion world, they will seal their future in both industries.

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Watch below the Nervo twins with Nicky Romero’s “like home” video

Look Out Fashion World

Image Courtesy of La Tier

Listen here: Kaskade, Fire in your new shoes ft Dragonette


Yes! Finally! Thank you!! A fashion show that is worthy of being called a” fashion show” in Sacramento. I’ve been to so many fashion shows lately here in Sacramento and yes, the shows have been good, but nothing like what I witnessed this evening. My idea of an awesome fashion show is in a gallery setting  which is intimate, chic and the perfect lighting. Thats exactly how La Tier’s “Inititation” fashion show was.

This packed show was all about showcasing the up and coming talent in Sacramento. 7 fashion design students Yennie Zhou, Amal Iqbal, Mikie Spencer, Svetlana Bunyatyan, Alma Orozco, Ulyysses Gonzalez, & Saul Latvanen, all  from American River College have put their heart and soul into their studies of becoming verified fashion designers. I can be the first to attest that they are all on their way and it won’t be long before any one of them gets noticed. The show was held at the Verge Center For The Arts, an art center where the community can use for various art events. The event was put together with tact and organization.

There were ushers there to seat each guest in their assigned row and seat. The lighting was perfect and the setting was perfect with white walls filled with hanging art and tall ceilings. Each designers set was meticulously done, from the hair and makeup, which was provided by Paul Mitchell the school to the models. All of the designers were fabulous and not to discard any of their talents, but their were a few that stood out to me, not just for their designs but for their concept and visions.

Ulysses Gonzalez created a concept that was Grecian and Greek Mythology inspired, but once I got a better look at it, his vision and collection reminded me of something that the late great Gianni Versace would have created.

IMG_0655 IMG_0661

IMG_0666 IMG_0674

Mikie Spencer, another very talented student designer created her vision of the “Seven Feasts” of The Lord. Again, blown away, so much work, detail and time was devoted to this collection that was biblical inspired. With each model walking to each feast: Redemption, Holy Walk, Resurrection, Coming of the Holy Spirit and Birth of The Church, Gathering of Israel, Atonement of Israel, Kingdom of Joy. So much intricate detail in each dress.

IMG_0680  IMG_0706


Saul Latvanen, not only was he one of the curators of this event, but also the headlining designer. I was literally blown away from his entire collection which to me was very Cavalliesque… From the moment the first model walked out, I knew he was going to close the show with a bang. Saul has the makings of becoming a designer on the level as Roberto Cavalli.



IMG_0715 IMG_0720

IMG_0735 IMG_0723

IMG_0739 IMG_0742

IMG_0748 IMG_0747

I’ve had the pleasure of attending LA Fashion Week and each and every one of these young, talented designers has what it takes to get themselves there or even New York Fashion Week. Supporting student fashion designers is a big part of any community, not just the fashion community, but the arts in general. Please take the time and visit La Tier and Verge Center For The Arts. La Tier can also be found at


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Starbucks Chestnut Praline Latte – New Holiday Coffee Drink – Marie Claire


Starbucks Chestnut Praline Latte – New Holiday Coffee Drink – Marie Claire.

Sounds so marvelous, but I really wish Starbucks would start using Almond Milk. Several coffee houses use it and it would benefit coffee drinkers like me who 1: do not like cows milk and 2: can’t drink it.

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Halloween Makeup Ideas Marilyn Monroe Marie Antoinette Costumes — Vogue


Halloween Makeup Ideas Marilyn Monroe Marie Antoinette Costumes — Vogue

Halloween Makeup Ideas Marilyn Monroe Marie Antoinette Costumes — Vogue.

Still having trouble figuring out what you’re going to dress up as for Halloween? Per Vogue, they have some really fantastic ideas to inspire that perfect character you’ve been looking for.

The Healthiest Halloween Candy For Every Craving – Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine


The Healthiest Halloween Candy For Every Craving - Harper's BAZAAR Magazine

The Healthiest Halloween Candy For Every Craving – Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine.

This is especially good news for me… I have such a sweet tooth for anything chocolate. But this article has some great tips on staying healthy on or around Halloween

Initiation Time

Image Courtesy of La Tier
Image Courtesy of La Tier

Image Courtesy of La Tier

When most people think of Sacramento and the surrounding area, the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s the State Capital of California. I’ll be honest, before I started blogging, I always, thought there was really nothing special about the capital city. But boy, were my eyes closed. I didn’t realize how big the fashion community is and how many talented designers there are here.

I’ve had the pleasure to attend many local fashion shows and I’m astounded at the amount of talent that is here. This Saturday the 25th of October, I’ll have another opportunity to witness more talented designers here in capital city. La Tier, a leading force in the Sacramento fashion community, promotes fashion, beauty and arts. They aim to showcase talents in the fashion industry and they have put together the “Initiation” Fashion Show.

Image Courtesy of La Tier

Image Courtesy of La Tier


La Tier is presenting 7 designers, local to northern California, all with their own aesthetic.  The show will be held at the Verge Center for the Arts in downtown Sacramento. This is the perfect opportunity to see what this city has to offer the fashion industry. I hope to see you there! For more information on the “Initiation” fashion show, visit La Tier and to purchase tickets visit Event Britebut be quick about it, there is only 230 seats and they are going fast.

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