7 Shoe Trends to Try Now (Before Everyone Else Is Wearing Them) | WhoWhatWear.com

7 Shoe Trends to Try Now (Before Everyone Else Is Wearing Them) | WhoWhatWear.com.

We all may not have the same taste in shoes, but these shoes listed here will sure grab your attention. But the worst thing is when you see a pair of shoes that you absolutely love and then you look at the price! AHHHHH sticker shock! Some of these will definitely do that to you, but it’s ok to window shop!

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Sale Menagerie


If you’re anything like me at all, then you’re always on the search for sales. Search no longer, I’ve broken down some of your favorite places to shop right here. Have fun!



Enjoy 30% at Yoox

All Saints Mid Season Sale
Topshop  US

TopShop Mid Season Sale

Bloomingdales Private Sale

The Gladiator Trend Continues

Image Credit: Dsquared2 via Style Bistro

Image Credit: Dsquared2 via Style Bistro

The Gladiator Sandal trend has continued on from last spring, I personally did not think it would pick in popularity again, but, yes, I regretfully am wrong. I don’t know what it is about these sandals, I mean I love them, but am just so picky about them and I may sound a bit snobby, but I hate when they are cheaply made and clearly show it. Which is why, if you can afford a good pair, invest the money in them, because this is a shoe that has to be worn correctly. The Gladiator Sandal has been around for centuries and have evolved from a flat sandal to one with a heel. Here, take a look at a video that Vogue has put together with a brief history on the Gladiator Sandal in 30 seconds. Enjoy!


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Kim Richards’ Real Housewives Costars Respond To Her Shocking Arrest! | PerezHilton.com

Kim Richards’ Real Housewives Costars Respond To Her Shocking Arrest! | PerezHilton.com.

If you’re like me, a Bravo TV junkie, then this should come as no surprise. After watching Kim on this season’s show, I knew something wasn’t right with her along with several other of her cast mates. Let’s hope that she gets the help she so desperately needs.

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The best thing about Moschino is the playful and youthful collections made each season. The handbags range from the look of a quilted blazer, a motojacket, and my favorite a shoe! You can always count on Jeremy Scott to create outrageous accessories that each stylist, editor and blogger must have on their arms.



She Wants Revenge

I love listening to SiriusXM for the many choices in music channels in addition to the fact there are no commercials, plus I get to listen to music this is not available to mainstream radio. One of the stations I listen to a lot is AltNation, they play a variety of both new and old alternative music. I was so excited to hear an awesome song from 2005 by a group called She Wants Revenge. I have not heard this song in years until today called “Tear You Apart”. 

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